Tuesday 8 January 2013

Food & Health: Weekly Grocery Haul & How to Stop Bad Cravings!

Hello girls!

My today's video is a grocery haul, where I'm also trying to give you some useful tips & advices on how to eat healthier & how to stop bad food cravings!

After the holiday season, we all need to "get back on track", and  eat more fruits and vegetables, avoiding completely the junk food & greasy, fried food.

Hopefully my grocery shopping will inspire you :)

I always try to eat healthy, but always try to vary my diet too. 
I think eating in moderation is a key to healthy & balanced lifestyle!

Let me know your experiences with your weekly grocery shoppings!
What do you put in your basket?
What helps you to get back on track after the holiday season?

The food we indulged in over the holidays...

Traditional italian cake "Tronchetto di Natale"

Chocolate cupcake by Bauli

Yum! :)

Home made tiramisu

My hubby made it, it was a dessert for our Christmas lunch!

Looking back at what I ate, I fear I probably gained a kg or two... lol

Watch my grocery haul here:

Italy is known for it's fine cuisine & lots of delicacy!
I truly love the food over here! :)

I'm croatian, and I lived in the UK for a while too, but I can honestly say, only in Italy have I found the food paradise :)

Here are some of the things I often eat:

Apples, bananas and chestnut jam...one of my favourite healthy afternoon snacks!

"Cestino di frutta", italian cake with red berries...
...to satisfy my "sweet tooth"...

Fruit salad with pears, apples, grapes, bananas and cinnamon...

Another fruit salad!
I love making fruit salads :)
You can watch a recipe for this one HERE!

Lasagna for lunch or dinner.
Made by my hubby :)

Oven baked dish invented by moi :)
What do we have here?
Potatoes, radicchio di Treviso, tomatoes, parmigiano cheese, chicken breasts, finocchio...

I prepared this for my hubby's B-day dinner, past month.

The finest italian bread!

My late lunch...

Another fruit salad with chocolate soy milk & lots of cinnamon.

I hope these pics inspired you to eat healthier and to enjoy cooking and preparing delicious meals for yourself & your family!

Kissss from Italy ♥ Thanks for stopping by!
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xoxo, S.


  1. Draga Sonja u ove sate si mi izmamila glad. Mozes li mi molim te dati recept za lazanje i talijanski kruh? Izgledaju prefino. Puno pozdrava iz Zg-a. :)

    1. Bok!
      Kruh je kupljen u talijanskoj pekarni, ali posebno je fin :)
      A za recept lazanja moram pitati muzica jer nisam ih ja radila.
      Mozda drugi puta snimimo recept, ionako ih mislimo ponovno raditi jer su bile bas fine :) Necu zaboraviti na tvoj upit! xx


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