Tuesday 29 January 2013

DIY Project: Spiked Converse

Hello lovelies!

I have one fun DIY project for you today :)

We all know, studded...everything...is on trend now!!!

I really like studded converse, but instead of paying a whole lot to get this last trend, I've decided to just be crafty and re-vamp my plain, boring sneakers!

I actually didn't want to put studs into my original All Star sneakers, because I know this trend will eventually grow old, but All Star sneakers however, never will, which is proven, because I wore them even when I was in elementary/middle school!

Instead, I bought much cheaper version of "All Star" sneakers, something that would do for this DIY project, and that I wasn't affraid of ruining (let's face it, I'm not the craftiest person in this world, lol!)
I got this Dany.Danna (whatever, lol) pair of sneakers at my local INA Market, for only 5 €

On e-bay I bought studs & spikes (unfortunately, I bought only 20pcs of spikes, and that turned out to be too little for what I originally had in mind...)...luckily, I had plenty of skull studs, so I was able to go on with my project!

I can't remember the e-bay account of the seller, but they can also be found at
this website (as on the pic above)

My studs & spikes came from the UK, the shipping was very fast, everything went well, I was pleased :)
They've got a huge selection of spikes and studs in different shapes, colours and sizes!

Watch my DIY project video here:

The result:

My DIY project ended up having more skull studs than spikes, not what I was originally planning to do...
but oh well!
I think it turned out quite cool anyway!
What do you think?

Trendy, cute & comfy!
Great for everyday/ casual looks :)

I hope you liked this DIY project; my intention was to inspire you to be crafty as well! :)

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Thank you so much for reading my blog!

Kissss from Italy,

xoxo, S.


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