Monday 7 January 2013

Thrift Store Haul: Winter Fashion

Hello beauties!

I hope you all had wonderful time over the holidays!
I was in Croatia for the New Year's Eve, and I returned to Italy on Friday, the 4th. and drove straight to work!
I really wanted to stay in my home in Croatia for as long as possible, that's why we haven't left until the friday morning, as in the afternoon hours, I had to work.

This New Year's Eve was really emotional for me, as these were the first holidays without my Dad...
Somehow, I got this sad feeling that I'm leaving my Dad behind in the 2012. and it hurt so much.
I went to visit our neighbours, and my Dad's close friends, who I haven't seen since his funeral, and the way they spoke about my Dad, made me cry and made me miss him so damn much!
It all came back to me and it felt as if it all happened yesterday, and that I haven't made any progress in my process of healing in these past 6 months...

I'm feeling better now, and I know I'm not leaving my Dad behind in the 2012., but I'm always taking him with me, carrying him in my heart...

Anyway, after a busy weekend at work, I'm resting today, and I'm catching up on youtube and blogging!
I did film a vlog during my stay in Croatia, but I need to edit it yet, together with some other short OOTD footages, so those videos will probably be up not before the next week...

I still have a few videos that I've already uploaded on my channels, but haven't mentioned them here on my blog, so I'd like to do this first, before starting any new projects...

One of the videos I definitely enjoyed filming recently, was my Thrift Store Haul.
I thrifted mostly winter fashion items, lots of warm winter accessories, and some cute clothing items as well :)
Most of these items were actually brand new, with a price tag still on, so I consider those great finds!
Needless to say, you have to check out my Thrift Store Haul video, as I'm sure you're going to enjoy it, if you're also into thrifting and bargain shopping!
In these difficult times, I believe thrifting is the way to go, as we can also learn to value more the "old" things and save up some hard earned money.
We live in such a material world, it is nice to try and be less involved in this consumist society and re-connect with some forgotten values...

That's pretty much it for this blog post!
I wish you all the best and lots of good things in this New 2013.! This is my first blog post in the New year and hopefully there'll be lots of more blog posts yet to come :)
Thanks to your love & support, anything is possible! ♥

Love from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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