Tuesday 5 February 2013

All About Clip in Hair Extensions! shophairextensions.co.uk Review

Hello beauties!

I got hair extensions! Yeay, I'm so excited about that :)
I know, most of you will be asking me, why do I need the hair extensions for, given the fact that my hair is naturally really long as it is! (??)

My hair extensions! :)

Awesome quality, real human hair!
They're so soft & shiny and blend so well with my real hair, for the overall very natural
looking result!
I'm super pleased!

The hair extensions I got are the clip-in, which means I can put them in when I'm getting ready for the day, and remove easily at night time... and I'll be using them mostly for adding volume to my hair & experimenting with different hairstyles (voluminous buns, fishtails, braids...)

With just a half set of the extensions in my hair,
my fishtail braid is already looking more voluminous!

Clip-in hair extensions are great for trying out different
As you can see, they look very natural in my hair, they
blended perfectly in! :)

They're clip-in, so they aren't damaging my natural hair, when I'm wearing them, I don't even feel them on my head!

I got the real human hair extensions (top quality) that look very natural blended with my hair, nobody can tell the difference :)

I ordered my hair extensions from www.shophairextensions.co.uk website and I chose the 160 gr, 26inch long, 12 pieces set.

I'm very, very pleased with the quality and I can recommend shopping there to anyone!
Shophairextensions.co.uk are very affordable, they're very competitive when it comes to hair extensions prices, the quality is great, they're 100% real human hair, the colour range is vast, so you can choose the one that truly matches your real hair.

Colour chart
On the shophairextensions.co.uk they have a vast range of colours,
so you can surely find the ones that match your hair colour the best!

When the hair extensions first arrived, I wasn't 100% pleased with the colour I've chosen...
...because my hair is highlighted, I do have some streaks of dark hair as well, whereas the extensions I ordered are all blonde streakes, different shades of blonde, but still, blonde, no dark hair...

When I started experimenting with them, once I put them in, I realized that they actually blended perfectly with my hair colour, and I was happy with my choice after all :)

If you'd like to get hair extensions for yourself, this web store is definitely the right place for you.

I also have a discount COUPON CODE for all my lovely followers, you'll get 5£ OFF YOUR PURCHASE if you enter the following code: review1
(this code is going to be valid for one month since publishing this blog post, so hurry up!)

For clip-in hair extensions, shop here!
Other (also human) hair extensions, available here!

You can connect with the company to ask all the additional questions, they'll be more than happy to help you out!

Last, but not least, you can check out my detailed video review on shophairextensions.co.uk clip-in hair extensions, where I'm also showing you the before and after, and letting you know all there is about a proper care of your hair extensions and numerous ways of styling them!

Because these are made of real human hair, you can wash them in mild shampoo, you can style them (straighten or curl them), you can even colour them!

Watch my video here:

I hope all this was helpful!
I'll talk to you soon loves!

Kisss from Italy,

xoxo, S.


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