Thursday 21 February 2013

H&M Winter Sales Fashion Haul

Hello dolls! ♥

I have a fashion haul for you! It's quite big one, so I hope you'll enjoy watching it! :)

I got a whole bunch of stuff at H&M during the winter sales (btw. winter sales are still going on here in Italy, they'll last until the end of February. How about the other countries? Are the winter sales still on, in your country? Let me know!)

I'm really, really happy with the purchases I've made!
I got some pieces that I'm going to be able to wear in spring time as well, because of the colours/prints, and also because of the textures...
Some of these things I've been eyeing ever since they arrived in stores...but for some reason I wasn't going to buy full I'm really, really happy that I managed to get such a great deals on them!

Nothing beats the excitment of bargain shopping!!!
(We're talking about the things that were discounted from 49.95€ to only 5€, so you get an idea how amazing this haul was!)

Watch my haul video, where I'm showing you all the things that I got at H&M at winter sales, here:

Here are some snapshots of my purchases:

I always like H&M jewellery!
They have got some really cute & trendy pieces :)
As you can see, these were on sale for only 1€ (the silver chunky/statement one was reduced to 3€, but it was still pretty good deal considering that it originally cost 14.95€, which is quite expensive for H&M jewellery, they used to be a lot cheaper!)

White studded bag will be great even in spring / summer season!
I got it for 10€.
Ballet flats, shoes & booties were reduced to only 5€!

Pants, leggings & skinny jeans... 5€ a pair!

Warm knitwear, only 5€!

I guess it was "5 € day" at H&M, lol!
I can't believe how many great finds, I completely renewed my wardrobe with less than 100€!

I hope you liked this haul!

I'm not done with shopping on winter sales just yet, so you might want to expect another fashion haul soon! ;)

Kisss from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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