Tuesday 12 February 2013

Simple, Shimmery, Sexy...Valentines Day Make Up Tutorial ♥

Hello loves!

Valentine's Day is approaching, so I thought I'd film a few related videos...as I usually do every year! :)

The first video is a make up tutorial, and will be followed shortly by the fashion video where I'm going to present you three outfit ideas for Valentine's day.

I hope this will be inspiring for you! :)

And now, I want to hear all about your plans for Valentine's Day!
How are you going to celebrate it? (Are you going to celebrate it?) Don't forget to leave me your comment!

I'm actually going to be working, but then I'll have Saturday off, so I'm actually quite happy with how my work schedule turned out this week! 

Anyway, let's get to the tutorial...To me, for Valentine's Day, the make up should serve to enhance your natural beauty & the best features, so something simple, yet sexy is in order!
If you cover yourself with tons of make up, you aren't going to impress anybody! If you ask your partner on the subject, I'm sure they'll all agree that they prefer when we wear less make up...less is more to them! :)
So keep this simple rule in mind when doing your make up for Valentine's Day!
I didn't want to go too natural & neutral, so I played a bit with shimmer...just to add that "festive" touch to the look!
I hope my tutorial will serve you as an inspiration :)

Here are the make up products that I used in my tutorial (for my entire face):


I used some of my "forgotten favourites" such as Kiko Make Up Milano highly pigmented eyeshadow in #89
and essence #02 "Dance All Night"
These eyeshadows are also super cheap!
When you put a good base underneath (such as Chanel cream eyeshadow #82), they'll last all day long!
The eye look couldn't be complete without a black eye pencil (I'm running out of mine! It's L'Oreal Eye Designer)

Define your eyebrows & accentuate your eyelashes!
- Alverde Augen Brauen Gel #01 Blond
- Artdeco Eyebrow Designer Pencil #07

- Kiko Make Up Milano 30Days Extension Mascara
- Lancome Hypnose Star


These are the products I used for contouring, highlighting & giving a flush of colour to my cheeks!
Benefit High Beam
VOV blush (available at www.bornprettystore.com)
Too Faced Candlelight Glow
N.Y.C. matte bronzer in 720A Sunny


Lately, I've been using only B.B. creams on my face!
This Garnier one for oily/combo skin, works really well for me :)
I cover up any imperfection or blemish with Vichy Dermablend foundation stick
Kiko Make Up Milano 3D Lifting Concealer in a shade 01 light is my favourite highlighter for my under eye area!


Keep them plumped & moisturized (YSL Top Secrets)
and don't exaggerate with bold lipstick colours (I'm using this Kiko Make Up Milano Pencil Lip Gloss in #07, "milky pink", very soft colour)
I actually love this pencil lip gloss and I truly recommend it (it's moisturizing, amazing colour pay off, really long lasting and very affordable price wise!)

 A couple of pics of the look:

I hope you liked this one!
A fashion segment is coming up next ;)

Kissss from Italy,

xoxo, S.


  1. Sonja..lovely post!nice ideas too! thanks girl! No valentine's day celebration this time..single right now..haha! maybe will hang out with gal pals..have fun!!


    1. I hope you had lots of fun!
      Kisss from Italy xoxo


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