Wednesday 27 February 2013

Secrets to Beautiful Hair: Phyto 7

Hello lovelies!

People often ask me about my hair care routine and is there a certain product that I could recommend that works well in mantaining my hair long & healthy...

I actually have several different hair care products that I swear by, and one of them is Phyto 7 Hydrating Day Cream with 7 plants.

Phyto 7
Hydrating Day Cream with 7 plants
Mallow, calendula, sage, burdock, willow, soybean, rosemary.

Sorry, the container is quite "beaten", I actually used up the product completely!
This should be a guarantee of a valid recommendation, don't you think so? ;)
Phytosolba Laboratories are experts in botanical hair care treatments. They extract the most effective active ingredients from the heart of the plant world to create highly concentrated, innovaative formulas that work effectively to mantain beautiful, healthy hair.


Hair is either dry naturally or becomes dry due to external stress factors. Dry hair becomes increasingly vulnerable as the hair's hydrolipidic layer no longer fulfills its role as a natural barrier. As a result, hair becomes brittle, dehydrated and difficult to detangle. It is crucial to provide dry hair with the necessary hydrating elements it lacks in order to restore softness, suppleness and shine.

Listen to my word of advice on how to grow your hair long & beautiful, here:

Phyto 7 day cream suits the needs of dry hair. It is infused with 7 pure and natural plant extracts, selected for their emollient and regenerating properties.
Formula quickly absorbs into the hair fiber to help mantain an optimal hydration level without weighing hair down.
Hair is protected, silky soft and illuminated with shine.

Apply to towel dried hair or even dry hair.
Emulsify a pea-size amount of product in the palm of your hands. Distribute through hair, focusing on the ends.

For very dry, coloured and damaged hair, I recommend Phyto 9, the hair care cream/treatment that I'm currently using (the review of  it will be up soon!)

I hope this was helpful & informative!
Definitely check out Phyto hair care products, they're among the best products for your hair! :)

Kisss from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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