Wednesday 2 March 2011

Creating Looks/Fashion Tutorial: The Last Minute Steals In Winter Sales!

Hello dear fashionistas! ;)

How have you been doing?
Me? I have been shopping! ;D
I actually bought these things past month& I got an inspiration to create a few new outfits, so I wanted to share this with you!
I hope you'll like it!

You can check out my fashion video tutorial here:

Here are some pics of the outfits...

Three new outfits that I put together inspired by my
recent fashion haul.

The first outfit:
I love wearing red in winter!

Don't forget to accessorize! ;)
  • Red knitted top: Terranova (1.99€)
  • Basic white top with lace details on the shoulders: H&M (2.25€)
  • White/Red belt: Stradivarius (not my recent purchase)
  • Baggy fit jeans: Pull& Bear (9.99€)
  • Boots: Lover Y (13€)
  • Colorful Flag Stamp Style Watch: (5.59$, but this watch was sent to me for free by the company)
  • Earrings: B-deas Jewellery (My handmade earrings, available upon request.)

Find out more about my handmade jewellery here:

Outfit # 2
It's still cold outside: I need my wool coat to keep me warm!
  • Wool coat: Bershka (19.99€)
  • Baggy fit jeans: Pull& Bear (the same from the previous outfit, 9.99€)
  • Belt: Orsay (I bought it a few years ago in Croatia)
  • Boots: LoverY (13€) can I just add- such a steal!!!
  • Bag: Kathy Van Zeeland (cca 62€) from Caleidos Outlet

Third outfit!
Sporting my leo print gilet!
This season I can't do without it, lol ;)
  • Leopard print gilet: Jennifer (9€)
  • Basic cotton top: Pull& Bear (2.99€)
  • Belt: H&M divided (not my recent purchase)
  • Earrings: Accessories (A jewellery store in Croatia)
Outfit # 4
I'm in love with this pink hat!
Can you see all these bows& rhinestones?
It's beyond cute!
  • Navy blue cardigan: H&M (3.75€)
  • Pink hat: local boutique in Italy (cca 3.45€)
  • Basic greyish top: Pull&Bear (2.99€)
I hope you enjoyed my little haul/fashion tutorial :)

Which one of these four outfits was your favourite?

Stay trendy,


  1. Love your blog and style! Following u!

  2. I love the fourth outfit the best! that cardigan is really versitile and will be great for spring and autumn as well!
    Here they are predicting rain and snow for tonight and tomorrow! Help!
    Roanna xx

  3. @Stasha Thank you!
    Evo i ja tebe pratim, super ti je blog :)

  4. @Roanna It's really cold in Veneto region too!
    I hope it won't snow, I have to go to work tomorrow! It always starts snowing when I have to go to work, I hate driving on such a bad weather ughh
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't snow& I'm hoping the spring will arrive soon!

  5. Izgledas mi super u svim kombiacijama, taj kao "vuneni" tube top sam bas videla u terranovi u Novom Sadu, zimus i jako mi je super izgledao,sad mi je krivo sto ga nisam uzela :/
    Najvise mi se dopada zadnji outfit,totalno je u mom fazonu :)
    pusa Tamara

  6. Congrats on these bargain sale treasures! :)

    The Bershka coat outfit is my personal fave.. love the color on you and combined with the jeans, and the big belt also looks fantastic on you!

    Maybe it's a body shape thing (I'm a petite pear) or a combo thing, but big belts always looked unexpectedly lovehandle-y on me, it was weird! ^^
    I wonder, what kind of body shape category of those that AnnaSaccone talks about would you put yourself in? :) (Sorry if you already mentioned that somewhere & I just didn't find it)


  7. @Tamara Hvala ti na komlimentu :)
    Niti ja ga nisam odmah kupila, prvi dan kada sam ugledala taj crveni top u Terranovi, bio je oko 4€.Isto vrlo jeftino i povoljno,ali nisam se odmah odlucila kupiti ga...nakon par dana sam se vratila po njega, hehe nisam imala mira, a tada je bio vec dodatno snizen na 1.99€, to je stvarno super povoljno!

  8. @2espresso It may not seem so, but I'm pretty sure I'm a pear shape. It's just that I'm quite slim so you can't actually tell. But my upper part of the body has always been very thin& narrow, whilst if I were to gain weight, I would definitely gain it in my hips& bum.

  9. ooh I love your choices for winter X3
    I still need to work on winter clothes myself =/

    XD love the belt and coat combo!

  10. divan blog. :) Pratim te .


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