Monday 7 March 2011

Fashion&Style Haul: Trendy Outfits! (styling lace shorts...& more!)

My new fashion video is up!
I featured some of the clothes that I bought during the winter sales& now I just played a bit with it, styling these pieces into a different outfits& creating new trendy looks :)

You can watch my video here:

Here are my outfits:

Outfit #1
Styling my new lace shorts...

I got these lace shorts at Jennifer fashion store
 for only 9 €!
Lace is a hot trend right now!!!
An oversized white basic top is
from H&M
(I got mine in a size M)
Aren't these the cutest earrings ever?
These totally complete the styling! I'm loving them :)

Lace trend is currently a very hot trend& if you can, definitely go& buy something that has got a lace details or it's made entirely out of lace! It can be shorts, skirt, top, or just an accessorie, depending on your personal preference!
This is the trend that we're going to see still very IN during the upcomming spring& summer season.

Outfit # 2
A polka dot shorts is a very cute clothing item, but be careful how you style it.
Just a simple, solid colour sweather, shirt or a cardigan as a top part of the outfit,
will do! :)

Aren't shorts a great piece of clothing items to wear all year round?
In winter& fall pair them with tights or leggings to stay warm!

Outfit # 3
Bohemian chic inspired dress,
12€ at Pimkie store.
I'm loving these earrings, they go so well with this
bohemian inspired styling!
I'm definitely a girl who feels very at ease in a bohemian chic inspired outfits, so
this is one of my favourite styling.
The dress that I showed you here is a dress that I'm going to wear a lot during the spring& summer months.

Outfit # 4
During the sales, I stocked up on my basic
T-shirts in every colour possible! ;)
Outfit # 5
Leopard print T-shirt is from
Bershka 4.99 €
I got these earrings in Croatia years ago,
I love them& I think these are perfect for the outfit with
a leopard print top& a dark blue jeggings!

I hope you guys like my fashion/styling ideas!
Don't forget to check my video& leave me your opinion in the comments section :)

Have fun styling yourself pretty :)



  1. Haha, I have the same grey puffy ear-muffs! :D They're are so cute.
    I love lace, bows, ruffles.. <3 Empire & Victorian style is quite my thing.
    Have I said yet how beautiful I find your whole blog layout? I think not. The whole background pattern, combination of those soft creamy colors, the vintage impression it all has to it, that awesome header with ribbons and flowers - I love that style so much and it's so beautifully done <3

    Recently you answered my comment; I too think it's harder to see what body shape you are when you're slim, there's just not much fat to settle down there and form 'problem areas'.
    Like probably quite a few people, I'm not always on the very best terms with being pear shaped, but then I wouldn't change it for any other particular bodyshape either. ..So thumbs up for working with what you got! ^^

    viele Grüße & eine schöne Woche xoxo

  2. Sonja, you are a pro at styling outfits and I love these! Thank you for the tips!xx


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