Tuesday 22 March 2011

My New Jeans (Trendy Baggy Fit) !!!

If there is one thing that I have plenty of in my wardrobe, those are definitely jeans!
I wear jeans in different occasions, that's why I have numerous of different styles: I love my jeggings and skinny jeans for special occasions and for every day when I want to look femminine & sexy.
Whenever I want to look very casual & trendy, I wear my boyfriend fit jeans.
Flare & wide leg jeans are going through a big comeback this season, and I'm really happy to hear that, because I have a few good quality brands in my wardrobe that I really love & I'll be wearing them a lot more now, that hippie / bohemian chic look is back in style!!!

Recently I bought two new pairs of jeans, of the model that I didn't have yet in my collection:
Baggy fit.

This fit is ideal for casual days but when you still want to have that trendy feel to your outfit.

Beware though! Baggy fit can make you appear a bit wider around your hips than you really are!
They're not formfitting, but quite wide around the hips/bum area, and then narrowing down into a skinny leg.
These are going to look great on a skinny girls, but on more chubby ones too, because they'll either:
- make an illusion that you aren't as skinny
- cover & hide these few extra kg of the "chubby" girls :)

My new jeans are from
Pull & Bear

This is the first pair I bought.
Baggy fit, size 34 EU
9.99 € on the winter sales!
Original price: 39.99 €

Let's take a closer look at this first pair... ;)

I'm loving all the detailing, especially the leather details on the

The back looks lovely as well!
I love the extra fabric on the left pocket.
All the Pull & Bear jeans are made with great attention to the details &
that's why it's one of my fave store to shop for the jeans!

Here is the second pair... (this was actually my hubby's present to me...for St.Valentine's... ;) )

Pull & Bear
size 36 EU
9.99 € during the winter sales period.
Originally priced at: 39.99 €

I really love how they narrow at the ends!
I can tuck them easily into my calf/ankle high boots
& high All Star sneakers!

These buttons at the front pockets won me over!
I would have bought these jeans only because of this detail LOL

Don't forget to watch my fashion video where I styled a few outfits with my new pairs of jeans!

Have a nice day!

xoxo Sonja


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