Sunday 20 March 2011

Fashion & Styling: OOTD (Knitted Wool Skirt by Zara, Camel Colour Boots, Cotton T-shirt...)

Hello girls!

Hope you're having an awesome weekend! I had a very busy Friday & Saturday at work, but now I'm home, looking forward to a very relaxing Sunday and just catching up with my blog posts... ;)

I have a new fashion video up on my eipysgudps channel, and if you haven't yet, then definitely check it out: CLICK HERE!

This is one of my fave outfits these days!

Wool skirt: Zara
Brick colour T-shirt (short sleeves): Pull & Bear
Camel colour top (lace details on the shoulders): H&M
Tights: H&M
Camel colour boots: Vagabond
Belt: H&M

My new wool skirt by Zara.
Loving the nordic print, it was very much IN style
this winter!

Camel colour top with lace deatils is by H&M.
On sale, I got it for less than 3 €.
This winter I'm loving the camel colour!

This basic cotton top is made a bit more "special" with the lace
details on both shoulders- very trendy! ;)

I'm wishing you all a wonderful Sunday!!!



  1. camel color so nice!:)

  2. top mi je super, ali nije vise zima tako da ajmo malo letnje garderobice :-)))

  3. @ Zorannah Rado bih, imam dosta sarenih laganih krpica, ali di to nije vise zima?? Ja biii tamo, hehe ;) Ovdje u Italiji je jos dosta hladno, morati cu se jos malo strpiti...

  4. A ja imam isti taj topic :))) Obozavam ga... A ta suknja mi je bila totalni hit ove zime, bas sam takvu htela a nisam mogla naci :(

  5. Very cute outfit Sonja! Esp. the 3/4 length sleeve top!xx


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