Tuesday 22 October 2013

Happy Halloween with picmonkey.com free online photo editing service! #PicMonkeyBOO

Hi lovelies!

Are you excited for the upcoming Halloween? How are you going to celebrate it?

This year, I didn't have time to sit down and prepare a make up tutorial for you, but I had the opportunity to try out some of the coolest features of picmonkey, an online photo editing service, and I came up with a couple of fun ideas for the perfect Halloween costumes! :)

Picmonkey* is holding a contest to see who can turn themselves into the best vampire or zombie using their Halloween editing tools. You can read more about the contest, the rules, and what you win here!

Picmonkey is such a cool editing program;it's also very easy to use and it offers loads of different effects that will spice up your photo and make it more interesting!
It's really addictive and I've been truly enjoying using it.

Besides the Halloween inspired themes, you'll find numerous different effects, photo frames, overlays, text fonts...I've been using those a lot to edit my pictures for my blog, and just yesterday I created a whole new header for my blog! (How do you like it?)

I hope you'll check out picmonkey editing service! 
It's definitely my favourite photo editing service :)

Do you know any other free online photo editing service?
Which editing service do you like to use to edit your photos?

Don't forget, the contest ends today at midnight!
I can't wait to see your photos, and, don't forget: #PicMonkeyBOO :)
I'm also participating ;)

* this blog post isn't sponsored by picmonkey.com, they just invited me to participate in their contest and I loved the Halloween effects they have, so I was happy to enter!
I'm just stating my opinion here, sharing the service that I really enjoy using! :)

Kiss from Italy,


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  3. You made very funny photos! I see you are an amateur in editing =) Try to use some simple and easy photo editors like a https://macphun.com/fxphotostudio for Mac or GIMP (it's free).


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  6. OMG! nice work really.Looking so nice with halloween effect.

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  8. I have enjoyed my time here.It's looking so real.very nice.Thanks

  9. Looking so horrible. you should use
    photo editing to make these more horrible

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