Tuesday 22 October 2013

Olivia Palermo Style, Zara Shopper Bag Review

Hello lovelies!

Ever since I showed my Zara Shopper Bag in one of my hauls, and later on, OOTD videos, I have been getting constant requests to do a review on it!

I got this bag for my birthday in June (it was a present from my Mum!), and I have been wearing it almost non-stop ever since!

This bag was on my wish list for the longest time, ever since Olivia Palermo wore it in various different occasions (...then all the fashion magazines & beauty bloggers started featuring this bag...and this is how the whole frenzy begun!)

I was thinking about getting the brown one, but I already have so many brown bags in my closet, and I really needed a nice, simple & classic black bag...
9 out of 10 I'll go for a brown bag, or boots...but this time, I convinced myself that the black shopper bag is a wiser choice for me!

Olivia Palermo wearing brown Zara shopper bag in various occasions. (image source: internet)
Which one is your favourite styling?

Now, after five months of owning this bag, I can really say that I like it
and I didn't regret my choice!
It's a real leather bag, nice quality, something that will definitely last me a long time,
and be a staple in my wardrobe!

Why I like this bag?

- It's a nice quality bag, very sturdy
- Very spacious
- You can carry it in your hands, or on the shoulder 
  (it comes with a removable strap).
- Very chic ;)

Negative points:

- It can easily become too heavy!(even if you don't carry a lot in it!)
- I find it's not very practical in some occasions (grocery shopping, thrifting, shopping at open markets...)

To find out more about this bag, watch my review video, here:

I bought this bag at Zara fashion store in Rijeka, Croatia (surprisingly, it actually had a better price there than at my local Zara store in Italy!)
It retails at cca 120€ in Italy (but this summer, I spotted Zara Shopper Bags on sale for half off! ughhh!!! I bought mine before the sales, thinking it wouldn't go on sale!)
But...due to the fact that it's really good quality & well made, and, it was my birthday present after all, I can live with the fact that I didn't grab it on sale ;)

Featuring my Zara shopper bag in OOTD videos & seasonal Lookbooks...

Watch the Lookbook video HERE!

Styling video HERE!

Watch the styling video HERE!

I hope this review was interesting and useful, if you as well have this bag on your wish- list! ;)

My word of advice is: Go for it! ;)

Kiss from Italy,

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