Tuesday 8 October 2013

How to Tie a Bandana in Your Hair?

Hello beauties!

Recently, I've really been into wearing bandanas in my hair!
I think it's such a cool way of accessorizing your hair, and, needless to mention, it also saves my life whenever I'm having a bad hair day! :)

I currently have 3 bandanas in my collection...with the green one being a recent addition to my little collection :)

The blue bandana was my first bandana, I bought it when I was still in high-school (at Wit Boy fashion store in Trieste, Italy).
The green bandana is one of my recent purchases, I got it at my local chinese store, for less than 2€ (it's 100% cotton and I really like the green colour!).
The white one is actually my hubby's...I "borrowed" it from him, when this whole "bandana obsession" started ;)

In my today's blog post & video tutorial, I'll show you how to properly fold your bandana & tie it in your hair into a little, cute bow!

I hope this will be inspiring to you :)

Wearing my green bandana

To see how I tie a bandana in my hair, so it stays securely in place all day long (no bobby pins needed!), check out my video tutorial, here:

Bandanas are usually square shaped...

Step 1.
You'll fold your bandana into a triangle, just like I showed you in this pic! 

Step 2.
Now you'll fold the top part of your bandana to create another "mini" triangle...

Step 3.
Keep folding your bandana (you want to fold it all the way, to "reunite" it with the opposite part of the triangle)

Step 4.
Keep folding (as shown on the pic).
We're almost there! :)

Step 5.
Now you have your bandana folded & ready to be tied in your hair!

I like to experiment with different hairstyles and textures when wearing a bandaana in my hair, sometimes I like to wear my hair long & straight, sometimes I'll put it in a messy fishtail, or boost its volume by curling it...
It's up to you, but the options are countless! :)

What do you think of this way of accessorizing your hair?
Do you like it?
Leave me your comments :)

If you want to show me how do YOU wear a bandana in your hair, post your pic on my FACEBOOK page! I'd love to see it!

Kiss from Italy,

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