Tuesday 15 October 2013

How to Wear Space Print Leggings? (2 Ways)

Hello lovelies!

In my today's fashion video I'm showing you just a couple of ways how I style my space print leggings!

I just love my space print leggings; I finally was able to find them some time ago at H&M! At YOUNG GIRL's dept. actually! I went for the size 170cm/14+ years of age, and they fit perfectly :)

My space print leggings from H&M

Look at this amazing print!

After seeing loads of fashion pics from other style bloggers, wearing space print leggings, I was really inspired to get a pair myself! I was looking for them everywhere, until I finally found them at my local H&M (& was super excited about that! I often peek at what's new in Young girl's dept. because my experience has shown that more than often I found some pretty cool pieces there!)

Now, the question was...how to style this bold piece of clothing?
(when you're not exactly 14 anymore...)

Pic source: internet

To answer that question: With something simple on top, letting the focus be on the leggings, and definitely dressing them down, in a more casual feel!

In my styling video, I'm showing you two OOTD/ two ways of how you can style this bold print leggings (the same ideas would apply for any other bold print!)

(click on the play to watch my video!)

I hope this gave you some good ideas!
Leave me your comments :)

Kiss from Italy,

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