Tuesday 28 June 2011

Croatia Vlog: Day 2 (Alfa Romeo Car Meeting Rijeka/ Grobnik)

Hello girls!

Day 2 of my trip to Croatia:

Was VERY exciting!
We went to Alfa Romeo car meeting in Rijeka.
Everything started at 10.30 a.m. at the very cener of the town (this was a unique opportunity to drive by car in the centre of the town, Korzo, a pedestrian- only zone, but that morning, it was arranged for us to drive there by cars and then park there and stay in exhibition for cca 2 hours or so...)
Enjoy looking at these beauties:

After the cloudy & windy morning at the centre of Rijeka, we headed off to Grobnik where first we had lunch in one lovely restaurant & then, we went to race at the Grobnik's race track!

On our way to Grobnik:

Look at all these cars!
The meeting was really big & successful!

Parked in Grobnik & ready to go by foot to the restaurant!
It was a short walk up the hill :)

Our friends from Alfa Club Italia

My hubby & I
# 03 was our number for the race!
This pic was taken at the restaurant's terrace

Walking towards our cars, ready for the race! ;)

Yess, the day was super fun & exciting!
The beauty of this meeting was that it was actually international, Alfa clubs & individual Alfa lovers from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy met and we all had so much fun together!
Everything was organised well & we even had a TV coverage!

I hope you guys enjoyed my today's post, more vlogs coming soon!

xx Sonja

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  1. Look at all the great cars! It is amazing how many people had joined the car race. It was surely a fun and exciting day racing with friends, who also love amazing cars. Anyway, how did the day end? Who won the race?

    @Stelle Courney


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