Monday 27 June 2011

It's Time for London Vlog on MissTrendyKitty Youtube Channel! (Day 3 & 4)

Hello girls!

My busy with work end of the week is behind me, luckily I had the Sunday free & I spent it all day at the beach & then dinner with our friends :)
Laying at the beach was perfection :)
So in the past days I had a very little time to dedicate to my blog, I just managed to check my e-mail & comments & tried to reply to most of them!

Today I'm free but I have ton of housework to do (we haven't been around for almost 3 weeks so everything is all over the place & I have my luggage from Croatia still unpacked in the middle of my room!)
This is, you'll agree, I'm sure, a valid excuse to be MIA even today from my regular internet activities...
I promise, I'll update you soon with what I bought in London, I know this has been requested and I am planning to do it soon, just have a bit more patience pleaseee, ok? ;)

Have you seen my Vlog/Diary from London, (Day 3 & 4) yet?
(You can watch it here, by clicking on the play button)
We went to see Big Ben, Westminster, Camden Town & met our friends at Hammersmith and Fullham!

I hope you'll enjoy watching!
I have other vlogs (from my recent trip to Croatia) in preparation, you'll see what have I been up to :)

Kisss xx

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