Wednesday 1 June 2011

Hair Colour & Cut Update & OOTD

Hello my lovelies!

As I've mentioned  in one of my previous posts, finally, this Monday, I went to the hairdresser to get my roots re-touched with highlights!
After two months, my roots were showing quite a bit!
I actually didn't mind THAT MUCH, (my hair was starting to look as if I was sporting the "ombre" color trend, LOL, just kidding- I know the difference between an ombre hair, professionally done, and just a huge dark roots showing!)
 I felt it was the right time to pay a visit at my hairdresser.
I didn't get any hair products this time, because I still have a shampoo, conditioner & a hair mask that I need to finish first.
Then I'll buy Kerastase Soleil line (the red one), that I buy every summer and I'm very pleased with it.
News at my hairdresser's salon: They introduced AVEDA line in their offer!
I've heard lots of things about it, and Monday I've tried it as my hairdresser washed & conditioned my hair with it.
It's also quite expensive, but highly concentrated (you don't need to use a lot of the product).
I returned home with a booklets & price list so I can choose my product at piece and the next time I go there, I'll already know what I want to try.
Also, I've been on my good behaviour because my trip to London is coming soon so I want to save up some money for my trip.
(I'll write more about my trip in one of my incoming blog posts...)

Here are the pics of my hair just after I returned home from the hairdresser's:

I also cut my hair a bit...
It's been months since I cut it (more than 6 months for sure!) so I knew I had to cut it a bit, to make it more healthy & just better looking!
We decided to cut cca 4-5 cm and as my hair is very long, the difference isn't even noticeable!
I mainteined a slight "V" cut at the back of my hair.
We cut the front section quite a bit, in a way that I can wear my hair with all the partings that I want (the middle one, or both sides, it'll look equally good!)
Kind of a side bangs...but I can style them on any side that I want! :) cool!
I'm very much pleased with this new haircut!

Bare in mind that in the next couple of my videos, you'll still see me with my "old" hair, just because I pre-recorded a few vids...

& now, let's see what I was wearing for my visit to the hairdresser's salon:

WATERFALL CROPPED CARDIGAN: Scooterplus (Thrifted for 1 €)
SUNGLASSES: DM (Drogerie Markt)
BAG: Guess
BRACELET: Caleidos Outlet
EARRINGS: 1 €uro Store
NAIL POLISH ON MY FINGERS: Kiko Make Up Milano # 340
NAIL POLISH ON MY TOES: Chanel 505 Particuliere

I also did a tini- tiny haul:

I bought:

- Project Professional Nail Polish (Made in Italy) # 68 Fizz Magnolia
(Because I just haven't got enough nail polishes as it is!
Like I don't have them around 100 already!!! LOL
My defense: I LOVE this colour! And it was super inexpensive!)

- essence studio nails "better than gel nails" base sealer
(this is awesome! totally recommending this one!)

- Some beads & cord for my DIY WRAP BRACELETS
( If you'd like me to make one for you, you can order it & choose
the colour & length that you want.
You can e-mail me with your requests at:

Well, that's pretty much all what I wanted to write about in this post!
Wishing you all a lovely day :)
What are you going to do today?
(leave me your answer in the comment section)
I'm going to go thrifting with my friend :)
So wish me a successful "hunt"!

xoxo Sonja

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