Thursday 16 June 2011

It's London Time! (Day 1 & 2)

Hello girls!

My trip to London was super fun, exciting & exhausting!
I returned home to Italy yesterday on an evening flight, arrived to Venice Marco Polo airport at around 22 p.m.
I slept through the entire morning today, and just now I'm ready for lunch! lol
London was SO MUCH FUN!
My hubby & I had an amazing time :)
It was VERY much colder comparing to Italy (here I'm in my shorts and a T-shirt, there, I lost the count of how many layers of clothes did I have on me to keep me warm!!!)
I do miss London & its magical atmosphere, but I don't miss the London weather lol!
We stayed at Peckham Lodge and it was the best offer we could have found for accomodation in London.
The prices of accomodation are very high in London, so we were lucky to get a bedroom with a private bathroom at 42 £ per night!
Peckham is situated in the South East London.
The breakfast was included in the price, but it wasn't to my likings, so I was just accompanying my hubby... I usually eat yoghurt with cereals and fruits for breakfast and they didn't have any of these things.
Well, actually they did have the cereals, but no yoghurt...just a cold milk...& I'm not used on starting my day like this...
ANYWAYS...the hotel's location was very well connected with the Central London, the bus stop is just 2 min. walk from the hotel.
You can take the bus #12 to Oxford Street, or #36 (if I remember well...) to Marble Arch.
Depending on the traffic, the journey could be even 1 hour long...
We were basically using our room just for sleeping as we were outside from the early morning hours until the late evening hours!
The room was clean and warm, we had one extra heater on our disposition and given the fact that the weather was so strange, we used it a lot!!!
I'm preparing vlogs from my London trip and they will be uploaded on my MissTrendyKitty youtube channel, but I'm not promising it'll happen very soon just because I'm really busy these days...
Today I'm all about resting, unpacking &...packing for my trip to Croatia!
I'm travelling again tomorrow!

Here are some pics of my London trip...Day 1 & 2...

On Oxford Street
Doing some shopping!

In front of the Peckham Lodge hotel.

At Marble Arch

In Soho with my friend Iva, waiting for a delicious
meal, crepes!

With my hubby
Ready to eat our crepes!

Day 1: 
We arrived to our hotel the night before at 3 a.m. (London time, so actually for us, it was 4 a.m.)
We were exhausted! We woke up early for the breakfast & got ready to go out & about in London.
Our destination was Oxford Street where we did some shopping (well, surprisingly, my hubby did most of the shopping, I just got 2 accessories there, lol)
We wanted to go to Camden Town in the afternoon, but we were so tired, the rain was pouring and it was quite chilly...We grab a quick snack at Pret-a-Manger, did some minor grocery shopping at M&S foods & headed for our hotel.
In the evening we went out in Peckham just to grab a take away for our dinner, we got Chicken Kebab and it was really yummy!

Day 2:
We went to Marble Arch where we took a tube for Ealing Broadway.
Ealing is where we used to live, so it was very exciting to go back there after 6 years!
It felt almost a bit nostalgic...
I've headed for the vintage hunting & browsing through all the charity shops that I know so well :)
I used to work at one, the Pdsa at West Ealing, so we went inside & there is where I got some nice finds!
I spoke to my previous managers and it was nice to see them again and the place where I used to volunteer :)
In the afternoon we met with my friend from high-shool, Iva, at Piccadilly Circus and we spent the rest of the day together, talking and walking ... when we got hungry we went to Soho for a quick bite & grab some delicious crepes :)
That was pretty much it for our second day in London!

I'll write more about my London journey when I catch a bit of time...I have a lot more pics to show you!
Until then, a big kiss to you all!


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  1. "I do miss London & its magical atmosphere, but I don't miss the London weather lol!"

    I have to admit, London has caught me out with the weather before. It's ridiculously changeable, although it does mean that anyone setting up a stall selling umbrellas could probably become a self-made millionaire fairly quickly.

    Well, perhaps not a millionaire but he'd certainly make a living.

    At Christmas though, I like being bundled up and feeling cold in London. It's strange but it certainly adds to the atmosphere. And it makes hot chocolate taste that much nicer. Last December, my Mum and I booked a weekend in serviced apartments London, in Covent Garden. Most of the time, we were out and about and very, very cold indeed. But neither of us minded. It was nothing mulled wine and hot chocolate couldn't solve.

    It did cause a few problems with the hot chestnuts though. I was trying to eat them without removing my gloves but as you can imagine, I didn't get very far with that.


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