Thursday 9 June 2011

My Skincare Routine (Day & Night)

 Hello girls!

I made a video about my complete skincare routine, talking about the products I'm using on a daily basis.
My morning skincare routine is different than the evening one and I'm really happy with all the products that I'm currently using!
I've incorporated some nice organic skincare products into my routine, luckily, the ALVERDE brand that I'm using is pretty inexpensive, yet very good quality :)

To talk about my skincare routine was highly requested by a number of my subbies :)

If you'd like to know more about it, don't miss out on watching my video:
(just click on the play button to watch my video)

On the other hand, I'm getting ready for my trip to London...
Everything is already pretty much arranged, I'm trying to pack lightly...if I manage, I'll film a video on my packing for London trip & show you the outfits that I'm going to be wearing during my stay :)
I'm so excited to go to London!
This is sort of my B-day present! ;)
It's been 6 years since we lived in London, and going back there certainly brings some memories of our London adventures in 2004./05. (!!!)
We certainly had a crazy life over there, in a less than one year, we moved 4 times and there were moments when we didn't even know where are we going to sleep tomorrow...
Luckily, our friends were there too & gave us a hand when needed!
We had some nice & fun moments too!

Well, I'm going kind offff subject now...
I'll tell you more about London & all related to that, in one of my future vlogssss!

xoxo Sonja

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