Friday 19 August 2011

Guarda la Luna, Guarda le Stelle...

... Guarda tutte le cose belle!

If you're a big fan of the "Friends" series like I am, you'll remember this is the line that the hot italian Paolo uses to seduce Rachel, in the early episodes :)

We went out on our first night of vacation in Rab, for a short walk around the centre of the town & to have some ice- creams ...
The night was perfect, the sky filled with sparkling little stars  and a big, yellow moon that was illuminating the sea surface!
So gorgeous, so romantic!

We took a few shoots for my blog ;)

My outfit of the night :)
Everything is from H&M except the handbag which is
by Guess.

The beautiful moonlight illuminating the sea surface!

Palm trees & church bell towers...
There are four bell towers in the centre of Rab!

My hubby <3

I hope you're all enjoying your summer!
Have a beautiful day :)
Ciao! xx


  1. love the combo :D nice pictures

  2. i love your denim jacket! it looks really great with the coral and neutral colors in the rest of your outfit :)


  3. wonderful pics ! Come to my blog :
    Please comment.

  4. @CopyCat - Smashinbeauty
    Thanx! Hvala draga :)

  5. @Haylie You know what, I noticed this denim jacket worked well with most of my outfits! :) I'm starting to consider it a must have in my wardrobe! :)

  6. @bombova. I'm glad you like the pics! I'll definitely check out your blog, thanx for inviting me :)


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