Tuesday 30 August 2011

The Last Day of My Vacations: Making the Most Out of It!

Hello beauties!

I'm sad because the last day of my vacations is here...
I did have a wonderful time, so there is one good reason to be happy!

The past time we were here, we organized our trip in a different way, and I personally think this year we did better! 
Now I'll explain all about it...
The past time, we arrived to Rab in the evening hours, because we slept long and then started our trip in the afternoon hours.
And as far as the return goes, we actually woke up earlier and headed home before noon!
So we arrived home and it was still day & sun shining!
This time, this is our plan:
We arrived to Rab much earlier, because we woke up early in the morning so we had all the afternoon ahead of us to enjoy the beach!
And the last day of our vacations we've decided to wake up earlier again, but instead of going straight to catch a ferry, we went straight to the beach! :)
Stayed there until 18.30 p.m. and then we were ready for going home.
After another beautiful & relaxing day at the beach!!!

I enjoy the summer so much because, as I like to say, I'm a child of this island!
My parents "created" me here, and even though I wasn't actually born on this island, I've spent the first years of my life here.
I remember us going to the beach EVERY DAY since early May till late September!
This is why I can't immagine summer without the beach & the sea, it's just in my blood, a part of my system :)

Here are a few pics from our last day at the beach of Rab!

What I wore for the beach (&later on, for the trip):

DENIM SHORTS: M.S. Stores (bought in Croatia, years ago!)
FLIP-FLOPS: Havaianas
STRAW HAT: Jennifer
SWIMSUIT: H&M (this year's collection)
ACCESSORIES: Coconut watch from Sardinia, bracelets from H&M

Click HERE to watch my OOTD video feat. this outfit!

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Thank you! xx

Ciao, ciao!

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