Monday 22 August 2011

Today's Destination: Suha Punta Beach!

Hello my lovelies!

When you're spending your summer vacations on the small island like Rab, going to the beach is an every day must-do!
We're going to the different beach every day, each day it's a different side of the island :)
I know the island pretty well, because I used to live here as a child, so basically I'm a tourist guide to my hubby (who, btw, has already been here twice- this summer it was his third time here, and he loves the island as much as I do!).

We went to the part of island called "Suha Punta", which in english would translate something like
 "A Dry Edge"
on the contrary, this part of the island is very much green and has got lots of woods!
I enjoy going to the beach there & play volleyball in the water!
We even purchased a ball (Winnie the Pooh, LOL) just for this purpose :)
& here is an active vacation!
I don't like to lay in the sun 4 hours straight, I get bored- that's why we played with the ball & kept moving all the time ;)

My outfit for the beach of "Suha Punta"

Sea shells for my jewellery!
For more info, visit my handmade jewellery blog:

H&M bathing suit
Jennifer straw material hat

Our new toy- Winnie the Pooh ball,
great for staying active during our holidays!

I was trying to convince my hubby this hat suits him too ;)
Wasn't I right?

The view from our balcony.

The view from our balcony in the lovely family Karlic home.
The hospital where my Mum worked in the early '80. is just
a couple of meters down the main road.
You can actually see the hospital park from the balcony.
My Mummy always says, working here were the best years of her life & career!
For the beach, I was wearing:

FLORAL PRINT DRESS: Italian open market
BELT: Stradivarius
FLIP FLOPS: Havaianas (A must!)
COCONUT WATCH: Souvenier from our summer vacations in Sardinia & a hubby's gift :)

Enjoy your summer, beautiful girls!
Ciao! xx

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