Monday 29 August 2011

Summer Night Out: White Skinny Jeans by Mango & Everything Sparkly!

Hello girls!

My last night at this wonderful island!
Of course, we went out :)

The night was a bit breezy, plus I already had worn all my shorts & mini skirts that I had brought on my vacations with me, so now it seemed like a perfect occasion to wear a pair of my favourite white skinny jeans! ;)
I love these jeans by Mango (I bought them a few years ago in Rijeka, Croatia) and I have been wearing these every summer since I got them!
They became one of my summer wardrobe must-haves, just as it is a pair of denim shorts!
I also wear them in winter,  but the whole styling is a bit different then, of course! :)
Why I like these so much?
Well, they just fit my body perfectly, they're the perfect cut, size & length!
They give me a nice figure ;)

Here a few pics of the scenery & my outfit...

The moon is's going to be another lovely night out :)

Cropped denim jacket...just in case ;)

In the late night hours, when we returned to our room :)

Sparkly top: Tally Weijl
White skinny jeans: Mango
Silver flats: H&M (divided)
Denim jacket: H&M


White watch: Fossil
Wrap bracelets: H&M
White bracelet with wooden beads: NEW! Just bought that night as a souvenier from Rab :)
Big sparkly bracelet: Bought in Italy
Connector ring:  Bijou Brigitte
Silver carved rose ring: wholesale-dress
Clutch: H&M

Nail polish: Smart Girl (a little gift from my Mum!)

We went to eat out, but we ended up being quite disappointed...
We were appealed by the place called "Kampanil", situated in the centre of the town Rab,  that had a sign "Restaurant- Konoba" ( "Konoba" means a traditional taverna featuring open-hearth fireplace; storage cellar etc. where you eat delicious meals in an almost domestic environment) so we were looking forward to a nice meal!
We ordered, and realized that the meals are extra small portions!
Like, really, but really small! (In terms that, I ordered a calamari and they gave me 3 (!!!THREE) calamari on a coffe-plate!) LOL
It was a tapas bar!!!
Just on their receipt they had it written!!!
I think this isn't fair, because outside they have a big sign saying they're a restaurant/konoba and then they serve you these extra small, ridiculous portions and once you ask for a receipt, you find out that you were actually in a tapas bar!
I think this is misleading people to believe they're going to eat in a restaurant, and at the end you'll get a whole lot of nothing and a big, fat receipt!

When I saw the portions, I said to my hubby: "After we've done with our three slices of calamari, let's go eat a real meal!"
We were intent on doing that, but unfortunately, it was already past midnight when we left the tapas bar, so everything else was closed :(
We ended up eating frozen yoghurt (it was yummy) and pancakes! 

The next time, we'll definitely ask around first, to see where the good food is! :)

Oh well ...

We still have a whole day of sun ahead of us & then...catching the ferry because we're heading back home! ... :(
(I wish we could stay here)

xx Sonja

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