Wednesday 21 September 2011 Swarovski Crystal Phone Case Review & a Possible Giveaway!

Hello beauties!
How are you all doing today?

Yes, I have a new video up, it's a review on this gorgeous Swarovski crystal phone case that I have received from meblingbling company!

Soo sparkly!

The front & the back cover

The front cover

The back cover
I've chosen the design B113.
You can choose from a number of different designs, from Hello Kitty, Chanel logo, to Disney characters and trendy skulls!
They'll make you a personalized, handmade phone case, for pretty much any phone model and they also do ipad cases!
Each phone case is handmade, so you'll have to be a bit patient: From when you order it, until your case is done, it usually takes two weeks.
But the quality is amazing and due to the fact that everything is being handmade with a lot of attention to every detail, it's definitely worth the wait!

On the MeBlingBling website, they currently have a promotion going on, so all the designs are on a special price, which means $30.00 off!
So if you fell in love with this phone case, as much as I have, now it's the right time to check out their website!

When I ordered my phone case, I was a bit distracted (I'm in a market for a new phone, and I was thinking about getting the iphone 3rd generation) soo I ordered a case for ipod touch 3rd generation without actually realizing that ipod touch isn't actually a phone and that I'm not going to be purchasing it! 
Ughh such a terrible and stupid mistake!!!
Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!
iphone 3rd generation and ipod touch 3rd generation are different! DUH!
Now I have this beautiful phone case that I LOVE, but I don't have the phone to put it on :(

Anybody with an ipod touch 3rd generation interested in purchasing this phone case from me? LOL
(But seriously, you can message me at: if interested!)
Once I buy my new phone, I'll definitely be going back to MeBlingBling and getting the RIGHT phone case for me!
I definitely will, because I think it's just so irresistible :)

As I've said, the quality is truly amazing, all the crystals are glued well so nothing will fall off in a daily usage of your phone.
You'll also get a small pack with extra crystals just in case...(but you'll need them only if you drop your phone or damage your case in any way, so you can easily fix it!)


I have an awesome news!
I'm not going to use the word "if" because I'm sure that we can reach this goal together, so I'll be using the word "when" instead!
When my review video on MeBlingBling phone case reaches 2000 views, the company will host a giveaway on my channel!
One of my lucky subscriber/blog follower will win a personalized, handmade Swarovski crystal phone case, design and phone case model of his/her choice, of course!
I'm really excited for that and I know we can make it happen!
Let's hit 2000 views on my review video and show to the company how much we'd like this giveaway!
You can give your contribution by hitting the play button on the video bellow:

<3 from Italy, 
Have a beautiful day!
xx Sonja


  1. wow! its so pretty! too bad about it being the wrong size though :(


  2. @Haylie Yeah, this seriously sucks big time! lol

  3. Lovely Case, is it custom made?


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