Wednesday 14 September 2011

Playing With My Camera While Filming a Fashion Video...

Hello beauties!

Here are a few pics that I took the other day when I was filming my TOP Fall 2011. Fashion Trends video!
I thought I'd share :)

I had other things in mind for my today's blog post, but I woke up with a swollen gums right between two teeth, so I took an emergency appointment at dentist's office here in Italy!
I don't have a dentist here, but we remembered that my hubby's cousin works as an assistant at dentist's office, so she squeezed me in for an appointment!
I was really anxious, because I went for a regular check-up in Croatia a month ago & everything was fine, and when it comes to dental hygiene, flossing and stuff...I'm a bit obsessed!
So I thought this shouldn't be happening to me!
Fortunately, it's nothing to be worried about, but I'm under treatment now and it did hurt a bit!
The good part of the day was when I discovered that the dentist that was examining me is actually croatian!!!
We started talking in croatian and nobody could understand us! LOL

After that I went to do some grocery shopping, so this evening we have indian korma for dinner!
I love indian cuisine!
So yummy!!!

& possibly I have found a perfect dupe for Chanel's ultra hyped "Peridot" nail polish!
I'm not sure yet because I haven't tried it on my nails, but it just might be it!
Just a little hint...essence nail polishes :)
I'll post a pics of that when I get a chance to "play" with it :)

This weekend is going to be quite busy at work, but I'll try not to go MIA :)

&...the pics that I mentioned at the beginning of this post!

hihi ;D

Have a productive week!

Ciao, Ciao!
<3 Sonja

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