Wednesday 28 September 2011

Shopping at Italian Open Market With My Friend Stefi! Vlog/OOTD/Haul!

Hi girls!

This is going to be a quick blog post, due to the fact that I just uploaded a new video on my youtube channel, & I think you'll enjoy watching it :)

Yesterday I went at the italian open market with my good friend Stefania & she kindly agreed to be featured in my video & say a few words about her outfit & just a big, big "HI (or, CIAO, ehm!)" to all of my lovely viewers & subbies!

We had a lovely time together and I managed to find a few nice pieces at a great price, so my conclusion was: "We have to go more often at the italian open market!"

In my video, I'm also showing you what did I buy, so make sure to check it out, you can click on the play button bellow, to watch it:

You'll see a gorgeous green coloured oversized blouse that I got for only 3 €, a Burberry inspired silk/cotton scarf & loads & loads of fun accessories: Earrings, bracelets and... colorful COCONUT WATCHES!!!

& yes, I remembered to quickly show you my OOTD :)

I wore my new faux leather shorts (& yes, I am preparing a video on how to style a faux leather shorts!)
by Tally Weijl fashion store.
I wanted to keep this styling casual chic, so I went for the oversized top by Matthew Williamson and a linen, military green, loose, vest from H&M.
When talking about a leather shorts, my fear is always to appear too sexy, agressive or "out there", which leads into trashy...this is why I completed the styling with oversized clothes on top and a pair of simple, black ballet flats!
I wanted to lead this styling into a trendy/casual/chic/rocker inspired direction!
You tell me, did I suceed in that?  (Hopefully I did!)
My ballet flats are Flyfor brand, bought here in Italy.
I'm also wearing: Chanel logo earrings,

Black leather cuff bracelet from H&M (men's dept.)
Avon jewellery watch with Swarovski crystals.
Black "Diva style" sunnies from H&M.
I bought my grey/black bag in Trieste, Italy, a few years ago.
My white skull scarf (that I was wearing as a bag accessorie) is from accessorize store called "Vanity".

I completed the styling with this adorable, sparkly Panda ring that I got at
and the price of it is only $ 2.70!
You can purchase the same ring here, CLICK HERE!

& I think this is it! ;)

My dear friend Stefi & I.
Un bacio a tutte!
xx Sonja
Ciaooo, ciaooo! ;)

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  1. I love the open markets in Italy! (can't wait to go get more yarn on Tuesday!) My parents love going there when they come to visit, particularly my Dad, who can spend hours looking at all they have!


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