Monday 19 September 2011

Tips for Healthy Hair: Moroccanoil Review & Linseed Oil Treatment

Hello my beauties!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

I'm starting off this week with a blog post dedicated to hair care & of course, I also have a video on this topic prepared for you :)
So just click on the play button bellow to watch it! 

How to get a long, shiny & healthy hair?
How to grow out your hair long, mantaining it healthy?

I really like & recommend these two products:

  • Moroccanoil
  • Linseed Oil

I got my Moroccanoil when I was participating at the COSMOPROF event in Blogona, Italy, two years ago, as a journalist and blogger, interviewing the important people from the beauty industry.
Among all the people/companies I interviewed, there was also a creative director of Moroccanoil company, who introduced me to the brand and shared with me little secrets & haircare related tips!

Me at the Cosmoprof beauty event (the italian IMATS!)

Interviewing the creative director of Moroccanoil company

I worked as a journalist for ProvideoService
 Moroccanoil is a great product for healthy, smooth and striking shiny hair!
I use it as a finishing touch, when I'm done with blowdrying and straightening my hair.
I apply it on the tips of my hair and then comb in through.
It has this non-oily formula so it won't make your hair greasy and you can use it as a styling product without any fear.
Learn more about Moroccanoil, the prices & the products, HERE!
Celebrities such as Madonna and J. Lopez are loving this brand too! ;)

& now, let me tell you a little bit about the miraculous treatment that I do religiously every week, in order to mantain my hair healthy and just beautiful looking!
I'm talking about the Linseed Oil!
I'm using the 100% pure linseed oil from the italian brand "I Provenzali".
"I Provenzali" are eco-friendly brand, they do think about the environment, they recycle and don't test on animals!
Their products are very known in Italy and they're also easy to get: I usually buy my Linseed oil at my local supermarket!
The price of this product isn't  high, we're talking about cca 7 € for a 100ml of the product!
(This usually last me a few months!)
Yes, the good news is they do have a website & you can also buy their products on-line!
The link is HERE! CLICK HERE!
This product wasn't sent to me for free and I'm not in any way affiliated with the company!
It's just the product that I'm using since I moved here to Italy (we're talking about four years now!) and I've noticed it has a great results in my hair care!
You don't have to use the same brand as I use, just make sure that you get a 100% pure linseed oil, I'm sure a lot of companies produce it!
You can also check your local herbalist stores :)
However, I'm speaking very high of the "I Provenzali" brand because it stands for the things I have close to my heart myself (being eco- friendly, environment friendly, they also sostain WWF Italia's projects!)
How I use this product?
As a hair mask, as a pre-shampooing treatment.
I soak my hair into this oil, I apply it very generously on my hair, then massage my scalp and comb my hair to distribute the oil well.
I put my hair in a high bun and leave it like this for cca 30min. to even more than 1 hour (depending on how much time I have on my hands!)
Then I proceed with shampooing my hair & conditioning it, blowdrying it, styling it etc.

& here are the results! ;)

How do you take care of your hair?
Do you have any product to recommend me to try, something that you just love & can't live without?

Kiss from Italy xx
<3 Sonja

Ciao, ciao!


  1. i love moroccan oil! and your hair is gorgeous :D


  2. this has reminded me that as I'm growing out my hair at the moment I should start doing this again! The Olio di lino is now on my shopping list this week!

  3. Hello,

    Thank you for the good writeup. Moroccan oil has increased in demand since individuals, which have the opportunity to use it have enjoyed and highly efficient nature, it is several cosmetic applications with high amounts of vitamin E...

    Moroccan Oil Shampoo

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