Tuesday 20 September 2011

Thrifting in Italy With My Stylist Friend, Liley! Meet My Friend Liley :)

Hello girls!

Today I'd like to present you my dear friend and a colleague, Liley.
She is from Costa Rica, but she's been living in Italy for over 20 years now!
Last week we went thrifting together, in our favourite thrift store, so we took this opportunity to film a video about our haul & to introduce Liley (who is as passionate about fashion as I am- and a great bargain hunter as well!) to my audience :)

We spoke in english & in spanish, so this video is going to be a spanglish version then ;)
I hope you don't mind!

Check out our video here:

In the video, we also incorporated our OOTD segment!
Liley was wearing a beautiful pair of earrings and a gorgeous necklace, handmade by her.
She is very talented jewellery designer and she even made a few pieces for me, throughout the period of our friendship!
Her designs are very requested in Italy & Costa Rica! :)
I took a pics of some of her latest creations, and I'm proud that she allowed me to present it here on my blog (we haven't had a chance to do a video about it- yet!).

So take a look at her creations & enjoy ;)

I love the electric- blue colour of this necklace!

Close- up of the pendant detail.

Sparkly heart- shaped necklace

Close- up of the pendant detail.
Soo sparkly!

Cute heart shaped earrings!

Silver leaves earrings

Flower shaped, black, plastic brooch

Great for accessorizing your simple T-shirt, or a coat!

With a sparkly little rhinestone in the middle.

Another long necklace, flower shaped pendants.

This one is soo gorgeous!

A close- up look at the silver beads
(& my reflection in them, whilst I was taking this pic!)

Another statement piece!

Feather earrings!

I love the feather trend!
So which one was your favourite piece?
Liley also made a pair of earrings for me, this is how they look like

I will also present her jewellery officially on my B-deas Jewellery blog and update it regularly with her new creations, as a guest designer on my blog :)

Needless to say, I'm not sponsored in any way to promote her jewellery.
She's my friend and she's talented!
I don't need any extra reason to write about her.

I'm happy I was able to share my dear friend with you, my virtual friends!
I hope you liked Liley & her creations as much as I do! :)

Have a beautiful day everyone & KISSS from Italy xx
Ciao, ciao!
<3 Sonja


  1. Hi Sonja! I will be traveling to Italy from Washington, DC (America) in about 3 weeks. I am an avid thrift store shopper here and I would LOVE to visit a few of the thrift/consignment shops in Italy while we are there! Could you please share with my friends and I some locations of thrift stores there? I would appreciate it!

  2. @LaJoyceTheVoice: Are you planing on visiting the Veneto area? If so, I can help you with some locations of thrift stores! You can e-mail me at: missfashionkitty@libero.it and I'll try to give you all the needed info! Have fun in Italy! xx


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