Friday 6 January 2012

Holiday Vlog: Christmas 2011. in Italy & Croatia ♥

Hello girls!

Around Christmas, my hubby & I went to Croatia to stay a bit with my family ♥
It was a short stay, because by the end of the week I had to work, but I enjoyed every single moment of my stay there!
It is always nice to return home & visit family, even if it's just for a short while!

I felt like vlogging again, after a longer break, so I did take my camera along with me, on my trip!

Here is my Holiday Vlog, and, as I've said in my previous blog post, there will be another one coming soon (that I did this week, while staying in the Italian hills!)

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& here are some cute pics from my short trip to Croatia:

My boy!
My adorable cat Zrno ♥

He's just the sweetest cat in this world and his hair is soo silky & soft!
I ♥ him so much!

Medo, our neighbour's dog, who likes to spend time in our garden!
He's so old, but his black hair is still shiny in the sunlight :)

Medo is always welcomed in our garden.
He spends most of the time there anyways, it feels like he's our dog, lol!

At the very top of the roof of Tower Shopping Center, Rijeka, I was taking pics of the seagulls...

It was a beautiful, sunny day of December, 28th. and I remember the date because it was my Mum's B-day!
I'm happy I was able to be with her on her birthday and give her a little present ♥

Beautiful blue sky of December...

This must be the Seagull Jonathan Livingston! ;)
Have you read this book?
Have a lovely evening, I'll talk to you soon!

♥ Sonja

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