Thursday 12 January 2012

Sonja's Stylish Winter: What Do I Wear in the Mountains?

Hello beauties!

I ♥ youuu!!! ;)
(I just felt the need to say that, no ulterior motive!)

Here is another outfit that I wore for our little hike in the hills, after lunch ;)
I have to admit, I love to go for a hike & be active, but during these fall & winter months AGAIN I haven't been much active & now I find myself totally out of shape!
Not in terms that I gained weight, because I haven't, but in terms that I get tired easily & sometimes I feel like I'm 80 years old! lol
Definitely planning on being more active again, as soon as we solve the appartment situation (remember the house hunting mission?...things were pretty stressful, but keep your fingers crossed! I'll keep you updated on how this situation evolves!)

Anyway!...back to the fashion aspect of this post ;)
As you know, my motto is: 
"Be stylish wherever you go & whatever you do!" I tried to wear something stylish/cute even for our little casual hike (of course, it had to be something functional & appropriate for the hike in the hills, in winter!)

Rambo lol ;)

I wore:

Black puffy jacket: Stradivarius
Off white sweater: H&M
Brown turtleneck: H&M
Military style pants: Jennifer
Legwarmers: H&M
Boots: Ugg Australia
Infinity scarf: H&M
Ear muffs: INA Market
Sparkly skull earrings: Gifted from a friend/colleague

Beautiful pics of the landscapes...

Make sure to chec out my new OOTD video feat. this outfit!

Thanx for stopping by!
♥ from Italy xx

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