Friday 6 January 2012

Winter Fashion: How to Dress Warm, yet Trendy!

Hello girls!

During this holiday season, while I was in Croatia, visiting my family, the weather was beautiful, sunny and not as cold as it usual is in December!
This gave me the possibility to film OOTD & shoot some pics of my winter outfits outside, with some interesting backgrounds!

You can check out my OOTD video here:
(the theme of this one was "How to Dress Warm, yet Trendy, in a cold winter days!")

& here are the pics of my outfit...

I was wearing:

Oversized cardigan (camel colour): H&M
Yellow & black plaid shirt: Italian Open Market
Black silk cami: Intimissimi
Skinny Jeans: Bershka
Grey socks: Promod
Camel colour boots: Vagabond
Belt: Promod
Bag: Zara
Sunnies: H&M
Earrings: INA market
Snood: INA market
Infinity scarf: H&M

I got my camel colour boots years ago in Croatia, while I was still living there!
It turned out to be one of the best buys for the winter season, as they're very comfy to walk around in, they make your legs look great as they have a bit of a chunky heel, so they're definitely more feminine than just a regular, every-day, comfy flat boots!
Also, this camel colour turns out to be a very IN style colour each Winter season ;)

This Winter I'm also loving my new bag from Zara; it is quite spacious, elegant black, with trendy leopard print details at each side!
Tres chic! ;)

I hope you liked this outfit & my little styling suggestion on what to wear in winter time!
Winters here can be very cold, so my priority has always been to dress warm, whilst staying trendy!
My Winter styling tip: Embrace all sorts of warm winter accessories, such as infinity scarves, snoods, gloves, ear muffs etc., for a warm, but stylish look!

In these winter days, stay warm, but trendy! ;)
Ciaoo, ciao!
xx Sonja

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