Thursday 5 January 2012

MAC Holiday Collection Brush Kit ♥ GLITTER & ICE ♥

Hello girls!

I hope you all had a wonderful start to a New year!
I just returned from my little vacations in the Italian mountains and yes, I will be coming up with a vlog soon (as soon as I find a bit of time to edit it!)
I also returned with a bit of a cold, sore throat...but I hope it won't get any worse, as tomorrow I'm expected at work!

Anyways, today's blog post is about my new addition to my make up & brushes collection!

MAC limited edition brushes, holiday collection "Glitter and Ice"

When I went to Venice this past November, I stopped by MAC counter & got the limited edition holiday collection of brushes "Glitter and Ice".
The price was really good for a set of five MAC brushes (60 €) and they're also very handy to bring on your trips because they're a smaller size than a regular MAC brushes, plus they already come in a make up bag.

You can check out my video review here:

Here is how the kit looks like:

Inspite of some reviews saying that these make up brushes aren't as good quality as the regular MAC brushes, I've decided to purchase this kit and I can honestly say I haven't regret it!
I've been using these brushes on a daily basis since I got them and I don't have anything negative to say about their quality!

I also love the design, the silver glitter handles are so pretty!

I got the "Make it perfect brush kit/Essential", which contains the brushes:
where SE, in my belief, stands for "special edition"

The Essential brush kit contains 3 brushes for the eye make up:



...and 2 face brushes:

liquid foundation brush 190SE

Blush brush 129SE
I like them to the point that I'm sure I'll be buying another kit with their new limited edition collection of MAC brushes!

xoxo Sonja

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