Wednesday 11 January 2012

My Winter Beauty Favourites/ Must- Haves/ Essentials!

Hello beauties!

While I was in the mountains, I went through my travel make up bag to see what do I have with me and is there any particular product that I'd like to film a review on...
Then I realized that most of the products that I had brought with me on my trip, are my winter must- haves and that it would be very difficult to imagine my stay in the mountains if I by any chance had forgotten to put them into my travel make up bag!
I'm using these products on a daily basis and they are truly responsable for me feeling beautiful in the cold winter months! :)

Of course, I wanted to share them with you, and the italian hills seemed like the perfect setting to film my new beauty video!

Please watch it & let me know how do you feel about these types of videos!
I really put an extra effort into finding the most interesting settings to film, and I put an extra time in editing it; I even included some bloopers & funny moments...

 ...that I thought you'd enjoy watching!

(just hit the play button to watch my vid & don't be shy, leave me a comment! xx)

So, let's check out together, what do I recommend to do, as a part of your daily beauty routine, in these cold winter months?...

& here is the list of my Winter Beauty Must- Haves!

Stay warm & beautiful this winter!

Kisss from Italy xx

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