Tuesday 18 December 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Clarins 7 Beauty Wonders Kit

Hello lovelies!

Have you completed your Christmas shopping?
I was very busy at work this weekend, and tomorrow I have a Christmas dinner with colleagues from work, so to be completely honest, I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet!
But anyway, for us, the point of Christmas is spending time with our family and just enjoying the warm, loving atmosphere together. This is going to be the first Christmas we're spending in our new home, so it's not about big, material presents, but just about love & spending time together...& good food as well! ;)

We decorated our tree(s)!!!
As this is the first Christmas we're spending in our new home, we  wanted to make things extra special so we have two trees (one outside in the garden, and another one inside of the house!)
I'll have the pics for you in one of my following posts ;)

Today I wanted to give you a quick recommendation on a beauty product(s) that I'm loving at the moment, and I think those are also ideal gift ideas for Christmas, that you could give to your Mum, sister or a friend!

I'm talking about Clarins 7 Beauty Wonders Travel Kit which is just completely amazing!

You can watch my video review on all these products here:

(I appologize for the crap lighting in this video, I know I look horrible, but this video is not about me, but about Clarins beauty products, and as I think I did a pretty good review, I've decided to upload it anyway! ha! So just please ignore how horrible I look here. If I hadn't been so lazy to sleep past noon, I could have caught the rays of natural daylight which would have made the quality of this video so much better! If only I wasn't such an owl, to sleep during the day & then get all busy at night time, lol! Any tips on how to break this bad habbit?)

Anyway, back to Clarins!
Here is how the travel size kit looks like (7 beauty products that you'll get inside of the kit are actually really good sized, I wouldn't really call them "travel", because they accompanied me on more than one of my travellings, and I still haven't used them up completely!) So you're definitely getting a good amount of the products here!

7 beauty products that will cover all your skin care and body care needs when you're on the go.
& here you'll also get  one of the Clarins' best selling product: Eau Dynamisante (suitable for both men & women, full of natural plant based ingredients and designed to lift your spirits!)
I personally love the hydra quench lip balm in this subtle pink colour, it's ideal for every day wear and it's also super moisturizing on your lips!

I got this kit at my local Sephora and it retailed at around 30€, which I believe is a good price for all these products the kit contains!

I've nearly used up the hydrating body cream (as you can see, I actually cut open the container, to make the most out of this product!). This product will leave your skin so smooth and soft as no other product will ever do! I promise!

In the kit, you'll also get:
Toning lotion with chamomile (alcohol free, sensitive skin friendly)
Cleansing milk (with alpine herbs)
Eye contour gel (very hydrating & refreshing!)
Eau Dynamisante (Clarins' cult product)
Hydra Quench lip balm
Hydra Quench cream- gel (awesome make up base, very hydrating, but light texture, it easily absorbs into the skin!)

I hope you're going to give it a try to this kit, or, if you can't get this particular kit, then try some of these products, they're all truly amazing!

For a full, detailed review on each product, please check out my video review!

I hope this was helpful :)

Love from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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