Saturday 22 December 2012

Vlogmas in Italy: Christmas Dinner Party With Colleagues from Work!

Hello lovelies!

I vlogged again a little bit, I hope you'll enjoy watching :)
I showed a little bits & pieces from a past few days in my life...I haven't been up to anything special, except for the Christmas dinner party with colleagues from work, that I had this past Tuesday.
I vlogged about my grocery shopping endeavours in the crowded supermarket, about filming & editing my new make up tutorial, about snacking on something really delish...

My late lunch/ early dinner "snack"
Prosciutto San Daniele with mixed salad, and Fiocchi di Latte cheese.
Freshly squeezed orange juice and as a dessert, yummy "Fruit basket", "Cestino di frutta" cookie :)

It doesn't get any better than this: Red berries "Fruit Basket", my favourite dessert!

Tuesday, as I've mentioned, I had my work/company Christmas dinner party.  
The whole day of Tuesday it was really foggy outside, the fog was starting to get so dense that I almost cancelled the dinner and stayed at home (I'm always terrified to drive in the fog! In my hometown, we don't even know what the fog is, so even though I have been living in Italy for the past five years, I still haven't gotten used to the fog!)
I've decided to try to conquer my fear, and went to the dinner after all (this gathering happens only once a year, and it's usually always very glam and fun, I was kind of sad thinking that I might miss it this year!)
I drove in the fog like a 80-year old, no kidding, I was "glued" to the windshield, it was ridiculous! Plus, I probably drove not more than 50km/h as the fog was so dense, I couldn't even see the road, or where I was going (sooo terrifying!).
I managed to arrive safely at our meeting point, and I'm telling you, it was totally worth it, as the dinner party was a success, we all had so much fun! :)

We all took a whole bunch of photos, and I'll post some of them here, just so I can transfer to you a bit of the pre-Christmas atmosphere we all experienced that night:

With my colleagues Anna and Junior

Giovanna, Anna and I :)

With Luana, Giulia (that you met in my last vlog) and Giovanna

With Raffaella

 All "The Blondes" together :)
Anna, Riky, Me, Giorgia (she's expecting!!), Alessandra, and Chiara

My dear colleague Riky
He's half croatian, so at work we always speak in croatian to eachother ;) while others watch, puzzled, lol :))

Me, Anna, Giovanna, Raffaella, Stefania and Giulia (you guys met both Stefi & Giulia in my vlogs, because I sometimes hang out with them even outside work!)

Luana, Me, Stefania, Giovanna

With Giovanna

One part of the group...watching pics from Anna's wedding album :)

I love this pic of us, we're all smiling :)

As far as my outfit goes, I've decided to wear my military style shirt from Pull & Bear, paired with sequin shorts from Stradivarius and an elastic waist belt with interesting gold buckle, from H&M.
I teamed that up with a pair of black suede like (calf- high) booties with high heels, and the styling was complete! :)
As accessories, I wore a necklace from Promod, and a sparkly leaf connector ring that I got in London at Claire's accessories.

You'll be able to see this outfit soon again, as I'm preparing a Holiday Party Styling Ideas videos...coming up next for you!!! :)

And THIS IS HOW I STYLED my hair (to watch a hair tutorial, skip the review, and go to the min. 7.21)

You can watch my vlog video here:

I hope this enntertained you! :)

Love from Italy, I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, S.

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