Monday 10 December 2012

Jewellery & Accessories Haul:, Soufeel, Promod & More!

Hello beauties!

It's time for another mini-haul! yeay! This time, I'll show you my new jewellery & accessories that I collected here & there over the past couple of months!
When I say "here & there" I actually mean: bornprettystoreSoufeel, INA Market (my local chinese store that is), Promod...I think that's pretty much it!

But I got some really amazing new goodies & as you all know, I'm addicted to accessorizing, so it makes me :) to have all these new, pretty little things to play around with & incorporate them into my stylings!

You can check out my HAUL video here:

Let's start from bornprettystore, an awesome on-line store that sells the latest trends in jewellery, make up & nail art, at the most affordable prices (+ offers a FREE shipping!)

Fun moustache ring SHOP HERE!
$ 1.79

Nail ring SHOP HERE!
$ 2.20

Chanel logo earrings- gold SHOP HERE!
$ 4.36
For 10% OFF your entire purchase at bornpretty store, use the coupon code: SONJAK31 (no minimum order needed!)

At my local chinese store (INA Market), I got some trendy items, at a very affordable prices too:

Spiked headband for a very edgy look!
I've picked out the blue colour, but they had it in many different colours (it was really difficult to choose only one!)

Studded bracelet: I love the shape of these studs & the green colour of this bracelet, it makes it the perfect Fall/Winter accessorie! I wear this one every single day!

Knuckle/ Armour ring: Very trendy piece right now!
The hotest item of the moment (lots of celebrities are wearing these rings now!)
I just love it in silver (but they had the exact same one in gold as well)

I got only one thing at Promod store:

I really fell in love with this necklace!
I believe it's such a beautiful statement piece.

Soufeel jewellery

I love their charms, so I ordered a few new charms & a brand new bracelet (but I'm going to be wearing this one as a necklace actually, as it's a bit too large on my wrist!)
I'm in love with all the charms that I picked out, they're so pretty!
I think Soufeel is a great place to shop for your Christmas presents! They're fast at shipping, offer high quality jewellery & amazing selection of charms and are very competitive with prices! Definitely check them out if you haven't yet :)

When this bracelet arrived, it already felt like Christmas! :)

My new charms :)

If you want to know what's the meaning behind these charms & why did I pick out these particular ones, make sure to check out my accessories/jewellery haul video!
My favourite charm of all times is this golden angel with sparkly pink heart, it's sooo pretty, just looking at it makes me feel happy :)

Soufeel jewellery shop here!

Those were the new pieces that I got recently!
I hope you liked this haul and that it maybe inspired you in terms of giving you some new ideas for a holiday presents!

Looove you all, thanks for stopping by!

Kissss from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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