Wednesday 19 December 2012

Small Spaces Storage Ideas: My Walk- In Closet Tour!

Hello lovelies!

On my formspring I got a request to show you how I organise & store my clothes :)
I moved into a new appartment this year, so I do have a new way of storing my clothes, especially designed for small spaces.
I do have a lot of clothes, shoes & accessories, and my appartment is beautiful, but quite small, so I can't allow myself to take over an entire room and transform it into my walk-in closet (whishful thinking, lol...)

Before we moved into our new place, my hubby & I were looking at storage ideas for small spaces, and we found a great soultion to my "problem" at Ikea's website!
They actually showed how you can build your own walk-in closet inside of your bedroom, which is amazing!
We immediately liked this idea and decided to go with it.

However, we used only Ikea's idea, not the furniture, because my hubby & my father-in-law actually decided to build the walk in closet themselves!
So we ended up spending a lot less, we just paid for the material  we needed to create my walk-in-closet's wall.

I took some pics when it was under construction, so you might get a better idea of what am I talking about...

The "skeleton" of my walk-in-closet, work in progess :)

With half of the wooden wall already up, and some clothes already piled inside of it... (!!!)

I have clothes folded and hanged inside of my walk in closet.
I usually hang my jackets, blouses, skirts etc.

All done!
The curtain is a substitute for doors :)
(we got this curtain at Leroy Merlin)

In my video, I'm trying to give you a proper tour of my walk-in-closet and show you how I store everything and how things look like from the inside of it!

I hope you'll enjoy watching, and I do appologize in advance for not having the best lighting, but I did turn on all the lights that I had, so you would be able to see everything properly!

Maybe this helps you out if you're struggling with "small storage space & too much stuff" situation! :)

A couple of pics taken while I was filming my Wardrobe Tour video:

If you'd like to, share with me the pics of your wardrobes!
Post the pics of your closet & your storage solutions on my facebook page, I'd love to see it!
& let's be friends there :)

Kissss from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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