Wednesday 22 May 2013

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Hello beauties!

I was contacted by a company that sells hair extensions and hair decorations and they asked me if I'd be willing to do a product review for them...I said yes, so they told me to choose one feather hair extension, from the variety of a different colours they have in their offer...
I went for the red one, because I think it gives a nice contrast in my blonde hair...

What do you think?

a screenshot of my video review, where I'm wearing this cute hair extension!
The company that sent me the hair extension is called

Check them out here!
They also sell real human hair, hair extensions, from the clip-ins, to wefts/weaves, micro loops, fusion nail extensions...the choice is really big!
I haven't tried anything else other than this feather hair extension, so I can't vouch for the quality of the other products on the website, but I'm very happy with my little feather extension :)

At, this extension retails at $5.99
(reduced from $12.99)
 You can get the exact same one here!

The extension itself it's not made of real feather (but it comes with a real- small feather, attached to the extension)
The extension is made of some sort of a fibre, and then it has horizontal black stripes all over it, so it  looks like a real feather!

It's a clip-in extension, so it's very practical, it's very easy to put it in your hair, as it is to remove it!

Overall, it's a nice, fun product to have, whenever you feel like changing a bit your hair, without doing anything drastic to it!

Check out other colours of feather hair extensions & choose the one you like best, here!

I'm very happy with the product and I'll enjoy wearing it in my hair especially now, in Spring & Summer time :)

About the company... is based in China, but they do ship via express service, such as DHL, or FedEx...
They offer free shipping for the orders over $99.00, which is nice, because shipping cost from China via express service can actually be quite pricey!
Once they sent out the package my way, it arrived in less than a week!

However, I think this company should work on improving their customer's service, as I did have some issues with them.
They put a lot of pressure on me to put this review up ASAP and even though I e-mailed them as soon as I got the package, saying that I like the product and that I'll be doing a review as soon as I can, I felt like they feared I wouldn't do this review and they kept e-mailing me, asking to put a review up!
(I explained the situation better in my video, so don't forget to check it out!)

(press the play button above, to watch my review on the company!)

If you have any other question about the feather hair extension that I've received, don't hesitate to contact me!
For questions regarding other products from the website, you can directly contact the company!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love from Italy,
xoxo, S.

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  1. Hi Sonia! They can send you a free sample if they want, but that doesn't mean you have to review it! :-/ I'm sorry to hear they put so much pressure on you.


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