Wednesday 8 May 2013

Spring & Summer Nail Polish Color Trends With My Friend Arianna!

Hello beauties!

This Sunday, my friend Arianna came to visit me at my place, and we spent a very pleasant afternoon together, hanging in my little garden :)

We were painting our nails, going through my big nail polish collection, choosing our favourite colours for the new season and warmer, sunnier days...
We came up with an idea to film a video together!

This was Arianna's first time filming so she was a bit shy!

But Arianna actually does have a blog! Only, it's a culinary blog, dedicated to the most delicious recipes (and I'm not only just saying because she's my friend!)
Occasionally, I'm lucky enough to taste some of the delicious meals that she prepares & then shares on her blog!

And here is a proof that Arianna is very skilled in kitchen:

Arianna's cup cakes!
Have you ever seen (or eaten) the cuter cupcakes than these ones?!
Arianna prepared them as a dessert for our dinner together, but I honestly felt sorry about eating them, I had to at least take a pic- or two, first! ;)

Sooo, what are you still waiting for?!

Go follow Arianna's fantastic culinary blog!

Now, Arianna was a little bit shy, due to the fact that this was her first youtube video, but I fear nothing else was cooperating with us either!
I live in, what's usually a very quiet & peaceful place...but this Sunday, everything worked against us!
The neighbour started making this awful noise because he is re-building his appartment...the wind was getting stronger, there were loud traffic and even aeroplanes flying not-so-high-in the sky...WTF???
I mean, seriously..., and it was Sunday!

Just to give you a better idea of what am I talking about when I say that I live in a very quiet place...take a look:

The view from my door/ window...

Wednesday afternoon...but it's like that the majority of the time...except this past Sunday!
ughh :(

However, we managed to film a video after all, showing you our favourite nail polishes for the Spring & Summer season 2013. (!!)

You can check out the video HERE!

Summer is ideal time to sport a fun, bright colour nail polish!
Which one is your favourite colour?

Arianna chose these 5 nail polishes:
- Emily # 107 Papaya (available at Schlecker Drugstores)
-, nail polish # 33
- Kost Made in Italy nail polish #  76, # 119, # 63. (available at Douglas beauty stores)

These are my top 5:
- essie # 251 Avenue Maintain
- Kiko Make Up Milano # 340, #282
- O.P.I. Hot & Spicy
- O.P.I. The Original Nail Envy (a must,  if you can't live without a nail polish on your fingernails! This is the best base & top coat and the best nail strengthener!)

Our 10 favourites for the Spring & Summer!
Do you like our picks?

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Thanks for stopping by :)

Love from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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