Saturday 4 May 2013

Renewing Damaged Hair With Kerastase Nectar Thermique

Hello beauties!

For all of you who asked me about my updated hair care routine and my holly grail haircare products, here is a video/post, that you're going to enjoy!

In this video I'm talking about the product I have been using for months now (I remember buying this product back in December!)and that has helped in mantaining my hair healthy, shiny & just beautiful looking!

I have already mentioned this many hair just ♥ Kerastase products!

For more than five months I have been using this product religiously, twice a week (every time after washing my hair), and I still have some of the product left, but soon I'll be getting a new bottle of it!
I really like it very, very much, and would like to recommend it to you :)
The Nectar Thermique product is a part of Kerastase Nutritive line, and it's designed for dry to very dry hair.
It's a leave in product and it's basically a very nourishing care for your hair, with heat- styling protective agent.

Kerastase Nectar Thermique 150ml

For availability & more info on Kerastase products, go to their website!

Nectar Thermique is a haircare "nectar" that leaves the hair incredibly soft and smooth. The product is actually activated by heat (when you blowdry, or heat-style your hair!)

Innovative technology: Royal Jelly Extract + Gluco- Sleek

-Provides softness and shine:

 this formula enriched in cosmetic agents is combined with an extract of Royal Jelly known to be rich in essential elements- carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. Nectar Thermique is designed to provide softness and shine to the whole of the hair fibre.

-Heat protection:

 this treatment is enriched with a heat-style protective active ingredient - XYLOSE- to help protect the hair fibre from the harmful effects of heat during blow- drying and straightening.

- Ease of blow-drying and anti- breakage effect:

 this nectar, enriched in GUAR gum, known for its lubricating properties, gives improved hair straightening and blow- drying performance, while helping to protect the hair from mechanical stress.


- Optimal shine & softness from root to tip.
- Hair fibre is left supple to touch.
- Better protection from mechanical aggressions.
- Easier blow- drying and straightening.


1. After washing your hair, towel- dry it and apply a walnut- sized amount of the product, starting with the ends and spreading throughout the lengths of the hair.

2. Gently massage the lengths and ends, paying particular attention to the driest areas.

3. Detangle using a wide- toothed comb, starting with the ends and then gradually moving upwards towards the roots. Don't rinse.

4. Styling with a blow dryer:
dry hair using a blow-dryer and a round brush.

5. Styling with straightening iron:
first dry hair completely using a blow-dryer.Then style hair using a flat iron with ceramic plates, ideally at a temperature of 180°C. On 1 inch wide sections, slowly slide the iron in a continuous movement throughout the lengths. Repeat this step once on each section.

I really hope that you'll try out this product and that you found these little extra-tips useful!

Before you go, check out my Nectar Thermique Review video, to find out more about this product & learn more about my experience with it!

Love from Italy,

xoxo, S.



  1. Ciao Bella,
    I love the Kerastase products they truly are awesome for the hair.
    Great review!!
    Have a super beautiful weekend!
    Hugs & Kisses,

  2. hey I have never tried this product... I might get it
    thanks for the review x


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