Thursday 9 May 2013

TAG: My Celebrity Crush (on Enrique Iglesias & Jensen Ackles!)

Hello lovelies!

Today I have a fun TAG video for you! I'm sure you'll enjoy watching this one and have a good laugh too, as I was sharing with you all my secret celebrity crushes that I've had in the past (including the present celebrity crush!!!) ha!

So make sure to check this video out: 


If you decide to film this video, leave it to me as a video response, I'd love to see it!

These are the questions:

1. Who was your young celebrity crush?
2. Celebrity girl crush?
3. Celebrity crush over 40?
4. Boy Band Crush?
5. Teenage Jail Bait Crush?

1.)My first ever celebrity crush was Yugoslavian singer Oliver Mandic! haha

I was 3 years old and totally obsessed with him & his songs!

Oliver Mandic, my first ever celebrity crush! lol

Oliver Dragojevic, croatian singer.
When I was 6 years old, I tought he was really handsome!
Maybe I needed glasses?!
But, hands down, his songs are beautiful & I still like to listen to him.

My first teenage crush...
...I was 13, and I loved Gibonni, back then he was this hot, new singer in Croatia, a "rising star"...
I had my entire room covered in his pictures!!!

In my high-school days, I discovered an italian singer Eros Ramazzotti and this obsession made me wanna learn italian better... :D

...but soon I discovered he's engaged and expecting a baby with his 19 years old girlfriend and a Swiss model, so I've decided I might as well move forward to another celebrity crush...

And then is where the "real" love actually happened! I saw Enrique Iglesias singing in one of the episodes of a mexican soap-opera, "Marisol"...and I instantly fell in love ♥

My obsession with Enrique lasted a couple of years and I had my mind set on actually meeting him in person!
I was this close to actually meeting him but...(I'm telling you the rest of the story in my video!)

And no, I don't have a crush on Enrique Iglesias anymore, but one good thing came out of this crush: I actually learned spanish all on my own! With the help of Enrique's songs! :)

2.) I have a few celebrity girls that I like...

...Anna Kournikova, I like her even though she's with Enrique now! haha ;)

I love Anna's super long, blonde hair!

Gisele was my favourite model!
So strikingly beautiful...
Her beauty reminds me a little bit of a "Kate Moss" type of beauty...
not very standard..

Sienna Miller..I have a crush on her style more than anything else! :)

Jessica Alba, she's just so sweet & pretty, perfect as a doll!

Korina Longin, a croatian top model of a stunning beauty!

3. Celebrity Crush Over 40? Is Leonardo di Caprio over 40 yet?

I didn't care for Leo when he was seducing half of the women's population
back in "Titanic", "Romeo & Juliet" and "The Beach"...

But now, that he's getting older, I find him more attractive!

4.) NKOTB and BSB were my favourite boy bands!

NKOTB were huge when I was 10 years old, or less! 

I think my crush was Danny...but who remembers?!

Backstreet Boys made my high-school life easier with their music.. (I liked Brian the best!)

5. Teenage Jail Bait Crush?

I wanted to skip this question because I don't have a crush on any of the teenager stars...but hey, here is one name that I could offer as a response!
He's a really cute actor, younger than me (does that count as a valid answer to this question?!), but not exactly in his teen years anymore!

Chris Zylka
4 years younger than me, I think I can offer his name as an answer to this last question! :)

Those were the questions, and I had fun answering and remembering all my celebrity crushes that I've had throughout the years!

Before you go, I'll present you with my current, big celebrity crush! ...Ladies & gentlemen, I'm talking about:

Jensen Ackles!
Dean Winchester in "Supernatural"

C'mon, who could resist him & his "Eye of the Tiger" performance? sexy! ;)

That's pretty much it, all my celebrity crushes are revealed now!

I hope you'll do this TAG too, leave me your video response!

Love from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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