Wednesday 20 November 2019

Winter Thrift Store Fashion Haul from Textile House in Rijeka, Croatia

Hello guys!

Today I want to share a thrift store fashion haul with you! You might not know this, but I'm a big fan of thrifting and second hand and vintage clothes. Years ago, when I was living in London UK, I worked for a charity shop, Pdsa, and I still have some great items that I purchased whilst I was working (volunteering) there!

I still enjoy (very much!), visiting thrift stores and finding little gems :-)
But, truth to be told, I don't have a lot of time on my hands these days, to visit thrift stores. Usually, it takes a lot of time and patience to go through everything they have in their offer, and my little toddler certainly doesn't have that kind of patience.

A few weeks ago, when I was in Croatia, I was able to quickly pop to one of the local thrift stores, Textile House (my hubby was keeping an eye on our little one).
I had one hour to thrift (which isn't a lot), but I was lucky because the store was full of new arrivals, and basically as good as new clothes! The store was also packed full with people (apparently everybody loves thrifting in Rijeka, and maybe they knew when the store has new goods coming in!)

I managed to get four items (everything looks brand new, or barely even worn), and I love everything! Those are going to be great additions to my winter wardrobe.
I didn't get more because the items weren't actually very cheap (for a thrift store, I expected lower prices. I found out that the prices are a bit higher when they have new arrivals, and then, by the end of the month, they have bigger and bigger discounts.)
I still paid way less that I would in regular store, but in the past I thrifted clothes for way cheaper.
Anyway, this was my only occasion that I would get to thrift in a while, so I didn't want to pass on these items that I liked so much.

Here are a few photos of the items that I got, and I'm still to edit the video for my youtube channel, where you'll see how all these clothes look like on me!

I got these super cool wide leg, cropped pants and they fit me perfectly! I'm in love! It's one of the best items that I have for this season.
I think I might combine it with this red corduroy jacket by Tom Tailor. Corduroy garments are in for the current season, so I'm very pleased with this find.
Both of the items seem to be brand new (never worn!)

This faux suede vest is super soft and very warm! I can wear it on top of jackets, or sweaters, for that additional layer that will keep me super cozy and warm in cold winter days.
I also really like the color of this one! It came with a ribbon type of belt, but I chose to wear it with my double buckle, black belt that I wear with basically everything because it instantly updated any clothing item that I have.

Last, but not least, is this super pretty pink coat. I love it! Even in autumn and winter, I like to wear colorful things (my wardrobe is actually mostly colorful, I have very few blacks) as I find it brightens up the short and dull, rainy days.
I still need to get this coat to dry cleaning and then I can start wearing it (luckily the other items are all washable in the washing machine, because when you add the cost of dry cleaners, it adds up to the total amount spent on thrifting.)

I hope you liked this haul! Let me know, is there some item that you particularly liked?

I think second hand shopping is great option when you want to be more conscious, sustainable and help our planet! Also, it's awesome when you want to stay within a certain budget and the big plus is that you can really have that unique style (you won't see everyone else wearing the same item as you, from the current high street brands' offer!)

Until I have my winter fashion haul ready and edited, you can take a look at this summer's thrift haul,  from the same store (then, they were having amazing sale, and everything was reduced to cca 0,60 eurocents!!!)

xo from Italy,

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