Wednesday 27 November 2019

Natural oils: My beauty must haves for healthy & glowing skin & hair!

Hello loves!

This is going to be a quick post about my must haves when it comes to my beauty (skincare, bodycare & haircare) routine. I'll be talking about some of my favourite natural oils, such as argan, rose and coconut oil.
I started taking care of my hair with natural oils years ago, and then I discovered they're also great for  skincare and I've been the biggest fan ever since!

When it comes to my skincare routine, I swear that these natural oils are more effective than any kind of expensive high end serum! I'm all for aging naturally whilst taking the best possible care for your skin and the entire body. I'm 38 years old and firmly say no to botox, or any other kind of more invasive beauty procedure / treatments.
Funny enough, when I state this in my youtube videos, or talk how I prefer to age naturally rather than turn to botox, youtube demonetizes my videos and makes them less visible to my audience / potential audience. So much about the freedom of speech, huh?
I don't bash on people who turn to these treatments, I just preach my own beauty philosophy: Accepting yourself, your age, changes on your body, but doing your best to take care of yourself, your mind, body and soul, naturally.
Some people break a bank shopping for overhyped beauty products, but that is absolutely not necessary in order to have beautiful hair/ skin! On the market today, there are so many great inexpensive alternatives to overpriced high end products.
Remember that when you're buying a super popular product, a good portion goes to the marketing and you're buying the "story", the "hype" that's been created around this product.
I considered myself a true beauty junkie and I've tested out many different beauty brands, from high end to drugstore, and I've come to a conclusion that, when it comes to preserving that youthful appearance, natural oils truly are the best!

no filter, natural daylight

Natural oils really take the best possible care of my skin and the results are clearly visible!

These here are just some of my favourite oils; the ones that I currently have.
I still need to repurchase line seed oil that I use as a pre-shampooing hair mask, sapote oil (I use it also as a mask before washing my hair, it's great against hair loss and to strengthen hair).
Some of my favourite brands for good natural oils are Alverde (exclusive to Drogerie Markt drugstores), I Provenzali and Forsan (these two are italian brands), but you can get your natural oils in a local herbalist store.

I use rose hip oil and calendula oil for my body care. I massage these oils after having showered. After long day at work I'll go for either rose hip oil (relaxing), or calendula (which is great for sore muscles, even after sport activities or workout).

Karite oil I currently use as a hair mask before washing my hair. I'll soak my hair with this oil, massage the roots, pull the hair up in a bun and leave it for an hour or two, after which I'm ready to wash my hair! The result is incredible! Soft, shiny, silky and healthy hair! You have to try it out :-)

Castor oil I use to grow back my overplucked eyebrows (yes, I was a teenager in the '90.-ies, that explains it all!) It really works but you have to be patient and give it some time. I massage the oil into my eyebrows every night before going to sleep, and I promise, it helps!

Coconut oil has many benefits, and besides using it in the kitchen, I also use it as a hair treatment (just like I use the karite, or line seed oil). It really helps my highlighted hair to stay hydrated and strong.

Argan oil, needless to mention, is another must have oil in my beauty routine. I use it before my face cream. I like my argan oil to be 100% natural, and you can check that by looking at the list of ingredients, and by its very characteristic scent.
It's very potent anti-aging and my skin loves it!

Rose oils are also my favourite things when it comes to preserving skin youthful and healthy. I use these oils before my daily moisturizer, or mix with bb creams.

At night, I'm always soaked in oils, and even now, when I'm writing this post! My hubby always looks at me with wonder, but he's getting used to me being all glowy in the evenings, haha!
I swear, the results are super visible in the morning! :-)

You can check out some of my skincare videos here:

A little bit more about natural oils that I love:

Let me know do you use any of these oils, and if so, which one is your favourite?


  1. Prodotti interessanti. Ciao e serena giornata:)

  2. Oh my goodness. YouTube demonetizes videos where you talk about wanting to age naturally?? That is insane! It goes to show the YouTube like all other platforms is focused on what they can sell to people rather than how people can truly help one another.

  3. Imaš jako lijepu kožu! Voljela bih probati neke od ovih Alverde proizvoda! Hvala što si ovo podijelila s nama!
    - Voljela bih vidjeti i tvoj komentar na mom blogu, da se uzajamno podržavamo 😍❤❤

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