Wednesday 27 November 2019

This season's trend: Suede boots

Hello lovelies!

Today's post is about one trend I spotted for this fall and winter season: Suede boots!
I've always been a big fan of suede material, but I have to be careful and only wear it when the weather outside is sunny! Suede can get damaged in the heavy rain, so keep that in mind. On the market there are products to protect suede (such as spray that protects suede and all types of leather from water damage), so it's good to have one of those around, to make sure that your suede items will last longer.

I have a few pairs of suede boots in my closet already, but recently I've been introduced to one very cool on line shoe store, so I wanted to take a look at their current offer and share with you a couple of my favourite pairs for this season:

These booties are very similar to the pair that I bought a few years ago, and still is one of my favourite! These go well with everything, but I prefer to wear them with a pair of skinny jeans.

Next on my list are grey suede boots 

I adore these cowboy style boots! I have a very similar pair, but in nude, that I purchased around 15 years ago, when I was living in London, UK! I need to remind myself to start wearing them again, as cowboy boots are back on trend!
I'm so happy now that I didn't get rid of mine!

For the fall and winter season, one of my must-have and favourite colors is red! Red is also the color of holidays, Christmas and party season.
If you don't have a pair of red suede boots in your closet yet, what are you waiting for? Now it's the right time to grab them, I promise, you'll wear them over the next years and years!

I'm going to show you how my booties look like (almost the same model)

My boots are very similar, just without the black elastic detail and with a zipper instead. And the heel is also chunky and not too high, but black. They're very comfy and cute, I've had the for years and I think they instantly make any outfit more up to date and interesting!

Actually now that I think of it, I'm a big fan of red footwear, as I do have two other pairs of red boots (one is red leather and studs, you can find a similar model bellow)

and another pair that I got is actually thrifted probably 10 years ago, and it's red suede with higher heel, something like this pair:

I hope this inspired you a bit!

The cool thing about fsjshoes web store is that you can actually design your own shoes! That's pretty amazing, right? Especially if you're that person who knows exactly what she likes / wants, but never seems to be able to find it on the market!

It's definitely a fun option to try out!

Lastly, let me share with you a pair of badass, party season booties that can't pass unnoticed :-D

Are you thinking the same way as I am here? Disco party fever baby, yeah!!! 

Let me know, will you be getting a pair of new booties for this season?

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  1. Mi piacciono molto i primi. Ciao ciao :)

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