Tuesday 26 November 2019

Holiday nails 2019.

Hello loves!

I'm back to posting again a bit more frequent and I'm really enjoying that!
I hope you do too, as I have prepared for you lots of interesting / fun topics for the upcoming holiday season. The holidays are just around the corner, and all the stores are already decorated for the Christmas season, with Christmas carols already blasting to the top volume to get the customers in the mood...Seems a little bit too early, yet, when you think of it, December is almost here!

December is also the month of parties, family and work gatherings and special festive dinners.
I personally like to look (and feel) my best when attending those occasions, and bring positivity to the table by being joyful!
One of my must haves for the holiday season are red nails! I start wearing read nail polish as the calender turns its leaf to December :-) I work in retail so I think it's nice to have a good, festive manicure. Unfortunately, lately, my nails have been a bit week, and as much as I'm trying to get them grow and be strong as they used to be, I found myself failing miserably.
It might be because of too much housework (argh!!), or I'm just in a need of some vitamins.

Still, even though my nails are now short, I already started looking for the nail manicure inspo for the best holiday nails 2019.
I don't use nail gel, or false nails, but that is also one of the option if you aren't that happy with your natural nails. 

Styles nails is the web store where you can find everything that you're looking for, for that perfect manicure, at one place. Whether you prefer having natural nails, or gel, false nails, they have it!
You can also get all the equipment to get started, without having to go every month or 20days to a nail salon. 

I like to browse through their website to get inspired for my holiday manicure. I'm going to have my natural, short nails, but I think they're still going to look pretty.
It's important to choose that right shade of red that will best suit your skin tone and the shape of nails.

Nail glitter is also one of the biggest holiday trends. Sparkly nails always look fab and very festive!
At styles nails you can choose the glitter in all kinds of shapes and colors, they indeed have the biggest selection of all the colors of the rainbow and more!

I really like this holographic nail glitter, it looks amazing for the holiday festivities!

Did you know that pearly white nail polish is back on trend?
My Mum used to wear it all the time back in the '80.ies. I used to love wearing it myself, as a little girl, but then with time it went out of trend.
Now I actually purchased a new nail polish in pearly white and I'm loving it!
Pearl nail dust powder is so pretty! You can buy it here at very affordable price.

I really like these colors of nail polishes, and I find that because of their texture, they tend to last longer! I already used many beauty products from bornpretty brand in the past, and I can say I only have the best words for them!

To make your manicure prettier and shinier, don't forget to add that much needed finishing touch, and use a top coat! 

This particular one comes in many different colors, but I like mine to be clear because that way I can use it on top of any nail polish color that I have!

I hope this post inspired you to kick start that holiday season, by getting your nails done! :-)

* in collaboration with styles nails


  1. Wowww, unghie come gioielli, una bellezza. Ciao ciao.

  2. Seem great products!

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