Tuesday 26 November 2019

Buying Levi's Jeans On-line: New vs. Second Hand

Hello lovelies!

Today I'm going to share with you my experience in buying Levi's jeans on-line.
I'm a big fan of Levi's jeans, ever since I was a teenager. Currently in my wardrobe I have only 3 pairs of Levi's jeans: One that is white, bought in a local second hand store in Italy (but they were brand new, with a tag still on!), and two other pairs that are classic blue jeans.

Both of them I got this year, on-line, so I wanted to share a bit of my shopping experience with you.

First, I went for a brand new pair of Levi's Mile High Super Skinny jeans, and I got them at zalando.it web store. I searched for them during the sales period, and they were the last pair left in my size, discounted from over €100 to €50. 
That is still quite pricey, but it's Levi's we're talking about, and this mile high model is super flattering on all us Moms who need a bit of an extra support in the belly area. It's also very stretchy and just overall extremely comfortable pair of jeans.
The perks of shopping at web stores such as zalando is that you have the option to return the package for free if for some reason you don't like the item, or it doesn't fit. Also, you'll often have coupon codes for a bit of a discount, or free shipping.
So I wasn't worried about picking out the right size for me because I knew I could easily return them without having to pay for the shipping. You can also check out your size with a quick on line test, or comparing your measurements to the measurements of the model that is wearing the item you're about to purchase.

image source: Zalando

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with my purchase.
But recently I wanted to add another Levi's jeans to my closet, and I really wanted it to be an older, second hand pair. First, because I wanted to save up some money (indeed, I was able to find my perfect jeans for only €16), and then also because I'm trying to be more conscious when purchasing new clothes for my wardrobe.
A different way to shop... is to shop sustainably! 

For every preloved item purchased compared to new one you’ve helped to save: 4kg of CO2 pollution, 2700 litres of water, another garment not going to landfill, pesticide and herbicide pollution.

The model of Levi's jeans I picked out this time is the 511 Slim Fit.
I searched at ASOS marketplace, and the store whose offer I liked best was Messina Hembry. I liked the fact that they have reasonable prices for second hand items, and also quite low cost of shipping. Their feedback is very high and they have nice reputation so I decided I was going to place my order!
The item was described as "Good Used Condition - the item shows minor signs of wear - Light wearing signs on the hems."
They ship from the UK, and it took about 10 days for the package to arrive to Italy (they said it would take about 14 days, so it's definitely nice that it came a bit earlier than expected!)
To me personally the items seems in an excellent condition, so I'm even wondering is it really from the early '90.-ies, I mean, the inside label is still as good as new (my new "Mile High" jeans that I've had for only a few months, already have the inside label more faded!).
Basically I got a pair of jeans as good as new for just a fraction of what their retail price is in a regular store!

The tricky thing here might be picking out the right size for you! I was quite worried about ordering them, not being able to try them on beforehand. I ordered the size 27 (same as the "Mile High Super Skinny Fit" model), and length 32.
If the size doesn't fit, obviously you can return the item, but you do need to pay for the cost of shipping.
The jeans are just a slightly bit tight, but they still fit, so that's good! I guess it's a bit of a lottery picking out the right size without being able to try them on beforehand, so I was lucky. This model is actually regular waist, so that's why they fit a bit more tight on me, comparing to the other pair that have super high waist. Also, since I became a Mum, high waist is more flattering on me, but I still really do like the fit of these 511 jeans.
I guess next time when ordering Levi's jeans (regular waist) from second hand web stores, I should go a size up, just to be on the safe side. Besides, if they're bigger than expected, I can always take them to a seamstress to have them reworked, whereas if they're too small, there is really nothing I can do besides having to return them.
Here are a few pics of the jeans I picked:

image source: Messina Hembry

image source: Messina Hembry

Both shopping experiences were positive, but the second one is probably more satisfying as I was able to get that great bargain, have a pair of Levi's without breaking a bank, and also, give a second life to this "forgotten" clothing item, that's hardly even been used!

I'm really looking forward to shop again at second hand store, as a matter of fact, I probably won't shop in a regular store ever again :-D


  1. Il mio abituale abbigliamento, belli, tutti. Ciao ciao:)

  2. How wonderful! You are so right. It is always possible to get the jeans taken in and still save money... So going a size up sounds like a wise plan. Hope you are doing well!


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