Monday 7 February 2011

Sunday With Friends& Italian Pastry (Frittelle& Galani)

Hello girls!

I just tought I would share some of the pics from this Sunday, spent with my hubby& friends :)
We went for a walk to the nearby village, it was a nice& sunny day of February.

We went to visit the old Castle of Roncade.

My hubby& I

My friend Arianna& I

Hubby& friends walking around :)
A bit about the Castle:

"...Roncade castle is one of the most characteristic examples of rural life in Venetian society and is to be found in the centre of Roncade, under the province of Treviso and close to Venice.
It has always been called “castle” and its history goes back in time to around year 900 A.D. when the Emperor Ottone II offered it to the Collalto family. Successively the castle belonged to the Treviso family of Sanzi.
In the 16th Century the Venetian Patrician Girolamo Giustinian constructed the castle which we see today, on the remains of the previous building destroyed by Cangrande della Scala. In the history of the 'Serenissima' Republic of Venice the Giustinian family had left evident traces. There were the Doges Stefano and Marco Antonio, the Blessed Niccolò Monaco, the Blessed Eufemia and Saint Lawrence the first Patriarch of Venice.
The current owner of the castle, Baron Vincenzo Ciani Bassetti, belongs to an ancient family with a long-lasting agricultural tradition from the Trentino region. The family has worked to maintain this estate and especially that ofviticulture and the production of quality wines. In fact, ever today the image of the castle is linked to the estate which surrounds the castle: its own wine-growing farm. The lands in this area are particularly suitable for wine production with a soil rich in sand and clay just a few centimeters down, an indispensable condition for producing typical perfumed white wines and full-bodied red wines suitable for ageing.
The wine yards are situated in the village of Roncade, one in the Pantiera area, famous for its robust wines, the other near the 1500’s year old “Teson” barchessa, symbol of a wine production rooted in the most beautiful and fascinating tradition. The ambition of Roncade castle is to produce only prestigious wines like in the times of the Venetian Republic, caring for the ancient wine cellars and wines keeping alive the noble origins of the castle.
The castle originally built for the Giustinians summer holidays, today provides the visitor with a window on the past. As you arrive at Roncade the two look-out towers and the huge gate indicate the way towards the secular park. Once inside a series of statues representing the “Schiavoni” lead you to the front of the true villa. To the left of the villa there is a small private family chapel in which there are the two 'terracotta' busts of the two first owners of the castle: Girolamo Giustinian and Agnesina Badoer..."

So now I know a bit more about the Castle too! ;)

Cute feathery animals just outside of the Castle...

Beautiful swans& little ducks swimming by...

L'isola verde :)
They feel happy here :)

What are you looking at?

I'm loving this pic!!!
Ducks in discussion ;D
We also had a delicious italian ice-cream (which I didn't photograph, but I've chosen two flavours: Mandarino and Pistacchio, both delicious!)
As it's the carnival time, the must have pastry in this region are: Fritelle and Galani.
Here is how our delicious breakfast looked like ;)

Breakfast at Tiffany ;)

Delicious Frittelle, the famous italian pastry.

Galani, the pastry specific for the carnival period.

Delicious Galani!

So this is how my Sunday went!
I hope you guys all had a lovely weekend :)
xoxo Sonja


  1. Hi Sonja! How fun! Aren't days like this, the best! I love day trips and MISS the castles in Europe and the Palace of Versaille, the Louvre, etc. Your carnival pastry reminds me of the funnel cakes here..they fry them and sprinkle powdered sugar over them and then the fried donuts we have here - so good! The ice creams sound wonderful..I love Pistachio! I love to tour old castles/old places with history. I am glad you enjoyed the day with friends/hubby!xx Ohhhh! and the Ducks..I LOVE them. We feed them sometimes and they love vanilla wafer cookies, bread, crackers..they are PRECIOUS!

  2. you look so happy and the food is lovely yumm!!


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