Sunday 13 February 2011

Sienna Miller Inspired Make Up: Soft Smokey Eyes& Nude Lips

Hello girls!

So after my successful recreation of Anna Kournikova's make up& fashion styling, I decided to continue playing with celebrity inspired looks, and try to recreate a look of lovely& always very fashionable Sienna Miller!

After having done some research on the web, I found that Sienna wears little or none make-up, for a special occasions she'll wear either a soft smokey eye with a nude lips, or golden eyeshadow tones and bright red lipstick.
I really do like this kind of make up, so I will be doing both of these looks; today I'm going to do a soft smokey eye with a nude lips!

Always radiant,  our lovely Sienna!

What defines Sienna's make up, is definitely a black eyeliner on her waterline.
Even when she wears little or none make up, she'll have her black eyeliner on, to define& accentuate her eyes.
This is actually exactly what I do occasionally myself, when I can't be less bothered to wear an eyeshadow or a complicated look on my eyes, but when I still want to define my eyes& make them stand out!
I often like to do exactly that: A black eyeliner on my waterline& soft/nude pink lipstick! :) 

This is my Sienna Miller inspired make up:

Sienna Miller Inspired Soft Smokey
Eyes& Nude Lips

On my eyes I'm wearing different shades of grey, light grey
& metallic platinum eye shadows.

Black eye liner is a must have with this look!

Here are the products that I used to create this look:

Face make up is very dewy& natural looking.

A creamy highlighter& blush on my cheeks
to accentuate this radiant glow Sienna Miller always has going on:)

Only soft nude tones for my lips, please! ;)

Essential products for the eye make up,
lots of greys& shimmery/metallic eye shadows.

Basic "tools" that I used to create this look.
  • Pearly make- up base with peach kernel oil and vitamin E. (Base trucco perlescente) by Bottega Verde.
  • Dior Hydraction DeepHydration Skin Tint #1
  • Alverde Bronzing Fluid Summer feeling
  • HR Helena Rubinstein Illumination natural radiance reviving loose powder 01 translucent.


  • Sephora Green Idyll palette Blush #2
  • Cynthia Rowley for Avon Iluminator in stick


  • MAC cremesheen lipstick Creme d'nude
  • Basic Lipstick
  • Got Beauty Lip Gloss


  • Laura Mercier Metallic creme eye colour in Platinum
  • Inglot Eye shadow M3 Double Sparkle 561 JK17MA
  • Avon Super Shock gel eyeliner/ eye-liner gel in black
  • Essence sun club 100% splash proof eyeliner pen # 01 ultra black
  • L'oreal Volumissime X4 Noir/Black

  • Ecotools powder brush
  • Dior eyes brush
  • Kiko Make Up Milano eyes 200
  •  Make Up Forever professional 14S
  • Sephora professionnel 19 smudge 
Here are a few pics of me "playing" with make up& creating this look... ;)

Prepping the perfect face ;)

Let's add some highlight& a bright coloured blush
to my cheeks, for a healthy glow!

Soft nudes on my lips to accentuate the
eye make up!
And what about Sienna's hair?

She currently has this mid-length, messy& voluminous blonde hair.
I love the colour& the volume& all the messy, "I don't care" feel to it!
However, I prefer my length ;)

Pump up the volume&
the messier, the better! :)

Play with your hair!

"I don't care", messy hairstyle is what
defines in a few words, Sienna's hair the best!

You can see, step by step, how I created this make up, by watching my video- tutorial here:

Definitely stay tuned for another Sienna inspired look: Golden eyeshadow tones& bright red lips!
&& the FASHION STYLING inspired by this always trendy celebrity (Both videos/posts COMMING SOON!!!)

Have a lovely day,
xoxo Sonja


  1. Sonja, this is the honest truth..Sienna should take makeup lessons from are so pretty and your makeup always flawless!xx

  2. Love the look and the nails. Which nail lacquer are you wearing?


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