Monday 21 February 2011

Recreating Celeb Fashion Stylings: Sienna Miller

After a very busy weekend, here am I again, back to my passions: blogging& fashion :)
This post, as I've mentioned in my previous one, is going to be fashion related& with this blog post I'm concluding (for now!) my series of vids dedicated to Sienna Miller (make up& fashion styling).

I found three outfits of Sienna that I wanted to recreate myself!


Sienna MIller in her casual
style, walking her dog.
Here is how I recreated this look:

All the neccessary to recreate Sienna's styling is there...except a dog!!!

I don't really know where did Sienna buy all the clothes she was wearing, but I know that her scarf is LV, her red bag is Prada& her boots are a pair of black Uggs.

Here is what I'm wearing:

  • Grey fedora hat: Promod
  • Violet/Blue scarf: H&M
  • V- neck grey sweater: H&M
  • Black basic silk top with lace details (you can't see it on the pics as it's my first layer of clothes): Intimissimi
  • Dark blue jeans (slim fit): D&G
  • Boots: Ugg Australia (crochet mod.)
  • Purse: Kathy Van Zeeland


Another casual outfit by Sienna,
out& about, walking her dog.
My recreation of this look:

My interpretation of Sienna's look

Ready for a casual walk around the town!
I'm wearing:

  • A girly pink hat: H&M
  • Scarf: H&M
  • Black zip cardigan: H&M
  • Belt: Top Shop
  • Washed out ripped jeans (boyfriend fit): Replay
  • Bag: Kathy Van Zeeland
  • Grey ankle high boots: Zara trf
  • Sunglasses: DM (Drogerie Markt)


Sienna at a special event in her
famous boho chic look!
I'm loving the boots, the  dress,
the jacket...well, everything!

This is how I recreated this look:

I really like this outfit!
I think I'm going to be wearing this outfit a lot
in spring time, as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer!

Sienna's dress has got a floral print, mine is covered in
tons of little leaves, soo cute!!!
I'm loving the leaf details this season!

I'm IN LOVE with Sienna's boots that she wears for basically ANY occasion!
Russel& Bromley
I managed to find a similar pair at Zara a few years ago& I'm really wearing them a lot, especially in spring season, as they're made out of a delicate suede material.
I haven't taken a pic of my boots, but you can see me showing them to you in my Sienna's fashion style video:

And here is where the clothes that I'm wearing for this final, 3rd outfit, came from:

  • Brown leather jacket: Promod
  • Dress (my dress came with the belt): Pimkie
  • Boots: Zara
  • White/gold bangle: Was sent to me by Anna Saccone (TheStyleDiet) for winning her fashion contest a while back!
I think that's it girls!
Sienna is always such a big fashion inspiration to me, so it is possible that I'm going to recreate more looks inspired by her in the future :)

I hope you all have a nice beggining of the week!

Stay stylish,
xoxo Sonja


  1. Very creative, Sonja! Love this idea for a video & blog post! xx


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